Listen to the Silence of Animals

silence of animalsThe recently emerged covid19 virus has endangered human life and many scientists have started working to stop this danger but today the human race is a source of danger to all animals, but few people take a step toward this. It means something is wrong.

Hundreds of animals are condemned to poor conditions in slaughterhouses or farms and as a result of this, they are mercilessly murdered. What is all for this? These are to look good by wearing clothes made of leather, to look beautiful by using cosmetics that are tested on animals, or to have fun watching animals suffering in circuses.

In 2013, Philip Wollen who is an animal rights activist said in a debate “slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would not be having this debate”. This sentence has a big meaning because he actually is mentioning animals’ cries of pain or their gaze for help. On 15 October 1978, The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights was proclaimed at the UNESCO house in Paris but it is clear that this declaration does not have a meaning for some countries because animals have continued to be brutally slaughtered illegally since then.

Besides all this, animals in pet shops struggle to survive in unfavorable conditions and sellers see them only as a source of income. People can have fun watching animals in pet shop windows, but this is against their nature. However, it is unknown by people that animals do not suffer less, in fact, some of their senses are more developed than humans (Earthlings, 2005).

These are mentioned above are some of the reasons why vegan or vegetarian people choose this way but, this does not mean that all people must be vegan or vegetarian. If people shop in places where meat is produced without harming the animals, this would be a good step. Mass production markets are not a good example in this context. At the same time, it is claimed that some chemicals are given to animals to gain weight, and this is very harmful to human health. Therefore, this sentence re-emphasizes the importance of the places we shop while consuming animal products.

Also, as I mentioned in my last writing (Have You Ever Thought of Being Vegan or Vegetarian?), many animals are used as a tester in laboratory and during this process, lots of them die. Especially, product produced in the field of cosmetic is not put on the market without being tested on animals.  Reducing the preferability of such products may deter the producer from using this way.

In short, we live in a world where people hunt for sport or animals are still seen as an object. These are horrible and very serious issues. Despite all this, people should not remain silent.

In conclusion, if you want to have more content, you can watch Earthlings is a documentary, but this can affect you a lot because many things are shown clearly. I suggest you stop watching when you feel bad.

This topic was discussed in ED132 ethics in counselling lecture, thanks to the our professor, I gained new perspectives and awareness and I wanted to share this with you too.

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