Have you ever thought of being vegan or vegetarian?

Almost all of us know what the meaning of vegan and vegetarian is. In fact, this case has a philosophy. It means that people who do not consume any products that are made from animal foods have an ideology about this. This ideology is based on religious or moral reasons for some, health, and animal rights for others. At the same time, this influences their life view because their lives are shaped around this idea.

For instance, they prefer to buy cosmetic products that are not tested on animals. It means that they do not only change their eating habits but also their consumption habits. I think all people should consider this.

Since such people do not consume food such as meat, milk, or egg, they meet their protein needs with other food. Oats, legumes, and nuts are some of them. Therefore, they can sometimes create new recipes after they combine these kinds of foods with greens, vegetables, or others.

Besides all this, life can become more inconvenient for lots of vegan or vegetarian people. Especially the menus prepared in school cafeterias are not suitable for them because school administrators suggest that students should be fed with meat or milk, but no one thinks that people who do not prefer them. Of course, there are some schools that care about this but in the vast majority, it does not work this way.

Furthermore, especially in Turkish restaurants, vegan/ vegetarian menus are more expensive than others. I do not think that veganism or vegetarianism is not a luxury lifestyle. Surely, the low number of vegan or vegetarian people in Turkey may increase the prices due to low demand but in my opinion, it is not fair that people who have adopted this ideology are exposed to it.

Finally, I can say that I am not a vegan or vegetarian. Actually, when I research and watch these kinds of documentaries, I am impressed and imagine being vegan or vegetarian. It sounds good but it can be difficult for me, but it is not impossible.

I want to add a note; these are what I mentioned above are only short comments and observations. Vegetarianism and veganism are large topics with very different sub-topics. My intention is just to express my thoughts about this. (more information)

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