Japanese Facial Massage that Rejuvenates 7 Years: What is the Korugi Technique, How is it done?

Korugi Technique

When it comes to anti-aging techniques, Japan comes to mind first. With the Japanese special technique Korugi  Technique massage, you will say “goodbye” to sagging skin!

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As we age, the skin on the face begins to sag. Although we usually think that this is due to the weakening of facial muscles and decreased collagen and elastin production, there is actually something else caused by aging. Over the years, the facial bones shift. As a result, the oval shape of the face becomes more indistinct and the cheeks and chin begin to sag.

Fortunately, the Japanese have found a technique to improve this situation a little. This special facial massage is called Korugi. The benefits of the Korugi technique are countless. Korugi technique massage removes these signs of aging by firming and working the facial muscles, dispersing fat under the skin, stimulating lymphatic drainage and improving circulation for younger skin. It can even contribute to percentage weight loss.


Before practicing the Korugi technique, get a mirror and massage oil. So you can perform the movements correctly and avoid extra friction. Also make sure that your skin is clean. Do not do this massage if you have ear-nose-throat diseases, lymphatic system disorders, chronic skin pathologies or facial wounds. You should rub and press quite hard on your face, don’t hurt yourself but make sure that your skin is flushed. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s move on to the Korugi movements;


1)Lifting Cheeks

Place your elbows on the table. Make fists and rest your hands under your cheekbones with your fingers towards your face. Gently press the cheekbones as if pushing them up. Relax your muscles. Hold this position for 5 seconds.


2)From Forehead to Temples

Tilt your head back a little and make a fist. Press your middle knuckles into the hairline of your forehead. Keep pressing as you slide your hands along the hairline towards the temples and earlobes. Then, slowly move your hands down your neck until you reach your collarbones.


3)Smoothing Cheeks

Keep your hands locked together, your thumbs should be straight because you will need their sides to perform this exercise. Place the tip of your right thumb under your left eye, close to your nose. Slide it towards your ears, pressing it against your skin. Immediately after that, gently slide your thumb along the side neckline from the earlobes to the collarbones. Repeat the last part of the exercise 2 times. Do the same exercise on the right side of the face.


4)Smooth Wrinkles on Forehead

Make a fist. Place the middle knuckles of your fingers slightly above the eyebrow line and move towards the hairline. Now move your hands back to the starting position, but slightly to the side, and once again make a lifting movement, thus leveling the entire surface of the forehead.


5)Prevent Drooping Eyelids

Make a fist and raise your eyebrows. With the help of the joints of the index and middle fingers, slide your hand along the eyebrow line.


6)Anti-Sagging Massage

Make a fist and keep your index and middle fingers straight. Do the movement with the help of these 2 fingers. Press and pull your fingers strongly from your chin to the temples. Start from the place under the corners of the mouth. Repeat this movement 7-8 times in total.


7) Finish Korugi Technique Massage

Open your palms. Place your fingers on your forehead and gently slide them towards the temples. Then slowly slide your fingers along the neckline from your cheeks to your collarbones.


Do the Korugi massage once a week for best results.


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