8 New Psychological Findings You Need To Discover

8 New Psychological Findings You Need To Discover

Boost your life by understanding yourself and others more

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It is entertaining to discover something new about yourself every day. The researches come up continuously to explain the psychology behind everything we do. In fact, maintaining your mental health is as valuable as maintaining your physical health. The key is to understand yourself more in order to take a useful action.

In this article, I will highlight the new research findings, and I will provide some beneficial tips. Those research findings could change your perspective or even your future behavior toward many things.

1- Your teachers may have important effects on your adult mental health

Teenagers who build supportive relationships with their teachers become healthier adults.

In general, every study has limitations. Some adults have mental and health problems because of their previous bad relationships with their teachers. But that doesn’t mean that other people will have problems too.

If you had bad relationships with your previous teachers, try to look at the past only to learn from it. Living in the current moment completely present, is what matters the most.

Try also to focus on your passions and your life will be filled with positivity in the present and the future.

2-It is harmful to your health to keep secrets

Secrecy leads to worsening relationships, health, and well-being. Research has associated secrecy with a higher level of anxiety, depression, and health problems.

Health problems include symptoms of poor health and rapid progression of the disease.

I do think, regardless of this study, that people need to strike a balance between keeping and not keeping secrets. As the study indicated, people don’t need to keep secrets to avoid anxiety and depression. But even after revealing personal secrets, people will shame and pressure other people because of their secrets . And this will lead in my opinion to stress and frustration. Therefore, People need to choose the right people to disclose their secrets to. This way they can avoid negative emotions and live a positive life.

3-Botox injections may help in lessening depression

Botox injections used to fight wrinkles and prevent migraines, may also help relieve depression, a new study suggests. Patients who received Botox injections for any of six conditions, reported suffering depression 40% to 88% less often when compared to patients who received different treatments for the same conditions.

I still have a negative picture of Botox in my mind! Those celebrities who got wrong procedures or overused Botox for their wrinkles look very unappealing. Using Botox for medical cases that need treatment is another story. I think it is right to use Botox to treat depression but not to use it for wrinkles.

4- Being a bad person is not a recipe for progressing at work

The selfishness of some people will not pave the path to success, new research states. The researchers’ findings don’t mean that jerks don’t reach high positions. They actually don’t reach there faster than others.

I guess everyone is feeling happy and relieved after hearing about this finding. There are many bad people in the workplace especially those pretended leaders. In my opinion, there are 6 simple concepts to grasp about leadership. These 6 concepts are listening, authenticity, transparency, passion, simplicity and gratefulness. Overall, being a good and selfless person makes you feel good about yourself; you look at the mirror and feel proud.

5-Smiling may enhance your mindset and thus your outlook

Simply moving your muscles in your face to smile can make you feel the world more positively.

It is that simple, moving your muscles to smile even if you don’t feel like it will make a huge difference. For example, make it a habit to take a picture of yourself smiling. And even use filters if you hate your selfie pictures. Your photos with your mobile or regular camera will not show 100% your real face anyway. Filters will be fun to use with your family and friends. Try them out now and tell others about your experience later on.

6-Most people stay optimistic until they become elderly

People tend to be hopeful and positive most of their life, even when they face significant challenges, new research finds. From the age 15 to almost 60 or 70, they tend to become more optimistic. However, when old age hits, optimism declines because of health issues and realizing that everything is behind them now.

I want to share Brendon Burchard’s beautiful message about interviewing and making videos for our loved ones. In these videos, we will be able to take some time to tell others why we love and honor them. We will also have recorded messages about their values that can inspire us every day. Indeed, if optimism is not developed for elderly people, then we could work hard to build it for them by following Brendon’s advice.

7-Anxiety Might Speed Alzheimer’s

Older adults with memory problems may progress to Alzheimer’s more quickly if they are also suffering from anxiety symptoms.

Stress has unfortunately become part of our everyday life. According to my doctor, walking for 30 minutes a day can tremendously help blood pressure. There are some steps that we can take to end the stress quickly such as lying on the bed for some time and drinking green tea.

Personally, I use a smart watch that keeps me updated about my pulse, stress level and more. It is a very practical watch, and it is very cheap, less than $30. It encourages me to walk for a longer distance to burn calories because it measures every step I take. Moreover, it allows me to measure my progress and calories burned for different workout exercises such as outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, yoga, pool swimming, etc.

8- Body Issues’ Raise Depression Risks for Teens

Body dissatisfaction affects up to 61% of teens worldwide and “is highly prevalent among young people in the general population and has an increasing incidence; the findings indicate that reducing body dissatisfaction might be an effective strategy to reduce mental health issues,” Bornioli’s group said.

Unfortunately, there are insufficient studies regarding my friend’s case. She is young and has psychosis. She suspects that she got it because she overdosed on the supplements that the pharmacists recommended to her. They claimed that these supplements will make her face glow and will reduce her stress. My friend didn’t consult the doctor about using these supplements, and she listened to the advertising voices in the pharmacy. She regrets using them now, and feels that her psychosis is a lesson for her to not risk her health again. She advises everyone to be careful and learn from her story.

It is significant to be proactive about your physical and mental health. And as I explained in this article, there are ways to maintain and enhance them. From these ways are focusing on your passion and the current moment, being a selfless and good person, recording beautiful videos for your loved ones, using a smart watch to control stress, and being careful of dangerous advertising messages. There is also an advice to not use Botox for wrinkles. I think there is beauty in the faces that have wrinkles.

I hope that the suggestions I gave in this article are beneficial to you. Always remember, “there is nothing wrong with quitting what is not right and starting over. You are wiser now and you will figure things out,” Brendon Burchard said.

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