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History of spices:     

Spices were discovered in Mesopotamia, where three clay tablets were founded with more than 30 recipes. Considered as the most valuable item in ancient times, spices were used by Egyptians for food flavoring, cosmetics, and embalming dead bodies. Spices were also used by Indians who discovered them first as they were cultivated in India such as turmeric and cardamom in addition to cinnamon and black pepper.

The most used spices in the world:

Every cuisine in the world has its own spices, their favorites that they use usually to cook traditional dishes. But worldwide, there are 7 spices that are the most popular among them all.

Starting with cinnamon, used particular in Chinese and Indian cuisine, is considered as a sweet spice used often in the manufacture of confectionery products and drinks. Cinnamon is also used in many “salty” recipes containing meat or even chicken.



The second most popular spice is saffron, a very expensive spice used commonly in soups or even with sea foods as it gives the dish it is used with, a red color. Saffron is also used in many fragrances, dye and medicine.



Rosemary is also a popular spice used worldwide. It is used as a seasoning for meat dishes, fish and chicken. Rosemary improves also the taste of vegetables, soups and pizzas especially when combined with thyme.



Ginger is also a popular spice used as a spice for sweet and savory dishes in many countries in Asia. It is used also for medical purposes as it helps in treating nausea, vomiting, diabetes…



Cumin is also a popular spice used in India and in many Arab countries. It is a spice that can be added to meat, fish or chicken dishes. It is known for its strong taste and is used in large quantities in the Middle East in many traditional dishes.



Chili is also used in large quantities worldwide with various savory dishes. It is an essential ingredients in the Mexican cuisine and can go with, literally, everything: chicken, meat, fish, soup, chips…



Cilantro is also a most commonly used spice in the world in addition to being a member of the parsley family. It is mainly used in the Indian, Latin and Asian kitchen as it gives a strong savory taste to the dishes and goes well with cumin.



Who is the spices queen? India!

Spices are used by each country around the world in moderated quantities. But in India, ranked the most country using spices, there is something different. Indian food is spicy as spices prevent food from spoilage especially that India is a hot country where food get spoiled faster.


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