Parma, not only City of Gastronomy


Parma is not only City of Gastronomy. It is a small city located in the north-center of Italy, in the heart of the Italian Food Valley. Famous for its Parma Ham, Culatello and Parmesan production, Parma is much more than that.

Let’s discover it together!


The Main Attractions


Parma is a people-friendly city so you don’t need any means of transport to reach the main attractions. Piazza Garibaldi, the main square, should be your referring point to start your visiting: head to north-east, you walk towards Piazza Duomo, with its main Cathedral, Baptistery and Diocesano Museum. At the corner of the square, we highly recommend you stop for lunch in a very nice restaurant, the Angiol D’Or, where you could find tradition and a friendly and welcoming staff.


Heading for the river, crossing Strada Cavour, the shopping street, you get to one of the most representative monuments of the city: The Palace of Pilotta, a complex of buildings dating from 1590, seat of the Farnese Theatre, the Palatine Library, the National Gallery, the Bodoni Museum and the Archeological Museum. It is highly recommended to visit at least the theater and the library before leaving the city.


Near the Palace of Pilotta, in Strada Garibaldi, there are two other places which deserve a tour: the Glauco Lombardi Museum and the Regio Theatre. The first one is a collection of stories and witnesses about Marie Louise and Napoleon’s life. The Regio Theatre is the perfect destination for those who love music and want to enjoy a very good play.


In this regard, in Parma you also find The House of Sound and The House of Music, to fully immerse in the musical activities and events of the city.


Speaking of religious monuments, the most beautiful church to visit in Parma is the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Steccata, based near the Regio Theatre, with its fascinating renaissance and baroque features.








In Oltretorrente, an historic district of the city, beyond the river, there is a magnificent park, the Parco Ducale, built by Marie Louise, which in autumn and spring is a spectacle of nature.




Restaurants and Wineries Recommendations


  1. Antica Trattoria Ronzoni, if you want to try something traditional, not tourist and the staff is very friendly and welcoming.
  2. Tabarro & Ombre Rosse, if you want to taste a very nice glass of wine, along with a selection of cured meats and parmesan
  3. Officina Alimentare Dedicata, for a more sophisticated local cuisine 
  4. Ristorante Parizzi, for a Michelin Star
  5. La Prosciutteria, if you want to go back home with some foodies souvenirs



The Exhibitions  


Parma is famous around the world especially for its food and its exhibitions: CIBUS is the most famous exhibition about food all over the world and, usually, it is held in May. Other than that, there are the Antiques Exhibitions (Mercante in Fiera, in italian), the Chocolate Exhibitions, the International Pizza Championship and a variety of other events during the year.



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