Vespa – the Italian pride and joy

Not long ago, I found on Netflix a movie called “Enrico Piaggio: Vespa” made in 2019. How this small motor vehicle invention has become the symbol of Italy, postcard picture perfect machine for transportation.

Today, it’s undeniable that everyone knows about the Vespa brand. It is everywhere, it is stylish, modern yet sophisticated. Designed for a stylish everyday routine.Enrico Piaggio had a genius idea. After WWII, he began to think about what he could do with leftover motors from planes that have not served any purpose while also trying to push the Italian economy. With help from Vittorio Casin and Renzo Spolti, he managed to design a perfect vehicle packed with two seats, a motor engine and space. In the beginning it wasn’t easy, given the fact that Italy had its fair share of economic problems and in that time that was an innovation. It had to become more affordable and it had to be financially reachable by every working citizen of Italy.

By introducing Vespa through implementing it as a new age every day vehicle in the famous movie “Roman Holiday” at that time worldly famous Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, the Vespa brand finally skyrocketed thus becoming the symbol representing working and living life. For older, for labor, for couples, Vespa served all purposes. It must have not been easy to start something completely new, just like once Eiffel Tower was a taboo that later became a symbol of France. Who would imagine such a long history from a now well established brand like that? Sometimes innovation may not be fully understood since it’s in our human nature to be cautious about something unknown. From 1947 with 2,500 Vespas to over 60,000 being sold by 1950s, to reaching 10 million by 1980s, Vespa earned its way to the worldwide market. Giving licenses for manufacturing to Germany, France, Belgium and Spain.

I suggest you go and check out the movie, it will be a fun Vespa ride.

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