Who wants to up to food list or strict rules? Of course no one, we want to be fit but also eat everything but I have a bad new for that both eat everything and be healthy is impossible. Let’s imagine that you’re eating everthing without gain any weight like fast-food, chocolate and more. It sounds good and possible thing is for some people because of metabolism. But are you thinking they are definitely healthy?  

  Let’s divine up about that in this article but first I would like to ask one more question I have based in here is why people lived in history didn’t need to any diet list? Why we have obesitiy/gaining weight in these modern times and  all diets’ compononents come from old history of the world? These questions are enough for starting but you’ll see more question when scroll down the screen, let’s think about these questions and try to find good answers for ourselves.

  Knowing What We Need

  Communication with people is very important to live but how’s your communication with your body? How much do you listen your stomach? We live together with our body all our life and we have to care it a lot. If you don’t know how can do, start with listen your body. 

   The biggest problem we can’t understand that we are really hungry or is that an emotional attack. Stress, boredom, sadness, depression or another emotions directs us to fridge or ordering food. It’s a coping mechanism of modern times. When something is you hurt, just wait a second. Take a deep breath, do something you liked (walking, talking someone..), if these kind of things don’t work, smile yourself. You’re worth and keep continue your daily life without any food attacks, remember you’re stronger than food.  

  Remind ourselves; we’re eating because need to energy to live but food isn’t way to solve your problems, don’t mark them as they help you. Instead of them in these moments, show kindness yourself. And don’t forget pay attention to your body, not brain. 

 Enjoy Your Time 

   Imagine you’re with your friends in big table with a gentle breeze.You’re drinking and eating everything. Very enjoyable moment it is. But do you enjoy these moments, or runaway from them because you’re in a diet? Or let’s think that how you feel yourself after eat a lot? Blaming yourself, thinking pessimist, then going to fridge and eating a lot because you messed up your strict diet list. Noo, you didn’t mess up your diet, not guilty for enjoying your dinner with your friends very lovely. We just live once this life so don’t persecute yourself.  

  Or another scenerio at our hand is after you eat a lot, punishing yourself without eating and then circle starts. We do this a lot without noticed, but calm down. First remind ourselves we don’t need to rush. Just continue with your normal feeding as a normal day because it’s a normal day, not a surviving day. 

  All of these mistakes cause to unhealthy food habbits but we can change that with our mindset. Living a good life means enjoy your every moments even you eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes we want to be fit, lose weight and keep healthy but while we’re doing, still we can enjoy our journey. The point is find a balance in life flow without any force. 

Finding a Balance

   Life is busy and fast. We do many things in a day and try to catch to everything by forgetting ourselves. We are like prisoners of our busy life. With only difference we live at outside, without walls. So how can we feel be free? Rather can ask how can we feel ourselves more? 

    Live and food are related with each other. If we’re alive, we eat and maybe we don’t notice but eating less or too much effects our life quality. When eat too much fast-food, then start to feel tired, anxious in a day. Or in contrast that eat always very healthy, still can start to feel bored or want to difference. So we should eat our meals between them. Doesn’t matter you eat fast-food twice in a week if you aren’t addicted them a lot. Doesn’t matter, if you really want to eat. Only you shouldn’t forget that foods you choosed, give your life quality. You can find a balance by knowing your body choices not your feelings, not your brain. 

   In this way, after you find a balance, will enjoy more and more everything.

 Live Your Life With An Artist Sensivity 

   What is your last time you prepared meal with artful plates? A long time ago or never… But have you ever heard that first your eyes are full and then your stomach is full? Let’s create a relation between art and food.  

  The artist makes art with great precision. Gets ahead, looks from a far, then artist realizes what needs to change. Afterwards, changes the points that notices with great precision in painting and reveals art. While doing this, does not rush, thinks carefully and proudly looks at painting. Time stands still for artist and focuses only on painting. So why don’t we make an artistic touch to our lives? I am not saying that we should paint a fruit plate with still life or pastel tones in our lives, but we can make small touches to the food we eat, enjoy the food instead of thinking about other things while eating. We can look from a far what kind of food is good for us or how we need a change on our feeding style and can make little touches on our artful.

 To sum up, 

  We don’t have to up strict diet list, only we need to listen our body more. For enjoying every moment you lived, keeping your energy in high, making beautiful your time, we should move with our body. First we need to good communication with ourselves. We’re valuable without being bound by any imposed. That’s why enjoy your every single moment 😊  










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