The Scottish Art of Living: Amazing About Coorie

The Scottish Art of Living: Coorie

Meet ‘coorie’, the Scottish philosophy of life that embraces nature in all its beauty and splendour and suggests finding happiness in the depths of this splendour.

If you go back a few years and refresh your memory, you will remember that the Danish concept of hygge is a life trend with a great impact. Hygge, which does not have a single word in Turkish, corresponds to a lifestyle that encompasses all forms of cosy comfort and enjoying the simple things in life. For example, you can experience hygge while wearing a soft sweater on a snowy day and sipping your hot chocolate in front of the fireplace.

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What is Coorie?

The Art of Living from the Scots: Coorie
We said that there is no Turkish equivalent of the word; but -just as a new lifestyle that can be adopted in winter- there is a Scottish equivalent. Let us introduce you to coorie; the essence of the Scots word for snuggling or hugging.

Coorie is about embracing all Scottish values to achieve a deep sense of happiness; living life beautifully and like a Scot. In its modern interpretation, it also implies living more sustainably and consciously by simplifying purchasing and consumption habits.


Embrace the extraordinary nature

All the ingredients for Coorie are found in the highlands of Scotland, where everything is huge. This is a world of extremes. The mountains, for example, are so majestic and huge that they have their own weather conditions and can snow on you in June. And when you stand among these craggy giants, you feel part of something much bigger than yourself.

When you are 300 metres above sea level, many of the things you take for granted seem insignificant. Life goes on its own way, whether you are bored or not.

The architecture in the mountains is also quite benevolent. When you go for a walk, it is very likely that you will come across small stone farmers’ huts. These huts are left unlocked so that those in need can enter and take shelter here. It is also a friendly meeting and socialising environment for those who want to warm up and rest.

The Scottish Art of Living: Coorie
Coorie advises you to leave your safe zone and the bottom of the radiator and swim in the wilderness. For the first few minutes you feel like freezing, but within 10 minutes you feel invincible. You release more serotonin than you have ever experienced before. Recent studies also show that swimming in cold water strengthens the mind and immunity.

Of course, what you can do in the heights of Scotland is not only the extreme forms of exercise. Even looking at the endless sky and watching the sunset is an extraordinary discovery. Coorie advises you to learn to live better with whatever is around you. As it has been scientifically confirmed that being in nature is good for stress and anxiety by calming the nervous system, do not delay in putting into practice the idea that inner peace comes from embracing nature.

Meet Scottish Heritage: Coorie


You don’t have to be outside to experience the Coorie way of life. The concept embraces the Scottish heritage, traditions and way of life, and in this sense it is a holistic process where you can incorporate all practices into your life. Learning Gaelic is one of them, and this way you can also experience how emotional the Scottish world is.


Desire the Craft

Wool and knitted clothes are synonymous with Scotland, so it is not out of the question to wear something different seasonally. There’s even a saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes”. What if you tried knitting it yourself instead of buying it in a shop? Knitting, with its patience and commitment, is one of the most precious crafts of Scottish culture. The more rushed you are, the more likely you are to put the knitting at risk. You can even try it to internalise this idea.

Nutrition and Sunday Meetings

If you can’t catch salmon from the river or pick mushrooms in the forest, you can ask your local independent butcher or greengrocer what’s fresh and what they have brought for you. Coorie celebrates the primacy of flavour when it comes to nutrition. If you want to cook a recipe from your childhood, you can modernise it and turn it into a healthy alternative.

Coorie believes that life is better together and better understood. That’s why Scottish receptions are always very crowded and labour-intensive gatherings. The host sets the theme for the evening; everyone invited brings a dish and helps with the preparations. While the chef shows off his skills, the most enjoyable stories are told at the table. This is how you can organise the invitation you will give at your home before New Year’s Eve.

Bring Nature to Your Home

You can also experience caring for plants at home as an aspect of the coorie lifestyle. Just like taking care of an animal, it is necessary to spend some time with plants and discover their structural characteristics. Even though the short, cold winter days prevent them from flourishing, this is one of the vital experiences you need to acquire over time. It is necessary to look at it like this.

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