The real-life Willy Wonka

We all know British author Roald Dahl’s famous children’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The book has been adapted for other forms of media so frequently that it is almost a sin to forget the story’s legendary character, Willy Wonka! As a child, all of us dreamt of exploring the eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka’s magical factory and tasting all the fabulous-looking candies. Today, a driven chef turns the dream into reality!

Jordi Roca

Jordi Roca is a Spanish pastry chef who has gained his reputation as the magician of pastry. Roca won 3 Michelin stars with his sweet revolutionary creations, was named the world’s best pastry chef in 2014, and featured in an episode of Netflix’s Emmy-nominated series, Chef’s Table.

The pastry chef Jordi Roca with his wife Alejandra Rivas Gomez

Nowadays, Roca is determined to create Willy Wonka’s sweet wonderland in the heart of Europe, Spain.


His ice-cream shop, Rocambolesc, makes you feel like you are wandering around Wonka’s factory with its exceptional decoration and surprising, innovative choices. Even though ice- cream is the leading alternative, Rocambolesc is more than an ice-cream shop with its many different types of sweet offerings, including chocolates, chocolate bars, and carambines.

‘We recreate a fantasy world where everything is possible and where adults can relive their childhood through the door of Rocambolesc.
Unlimited creativity in the form of soft ice cream, polo shirts, jars, and many other sweet preparations to live a Rocambolesca experience.’

– Jordi Roca

What to order?

3 Michelin star chef Jordi Roca serves hand-made, milk-based, quality ice creams with a twist. The shop offers a selection of six flavors, including the most famous baked apple, panettone, and yogurt. Still, the real magic happens afterward when Rocambolesc asks you to choose from their more than 30 exclusive toppings for your ice cream! The most preferred combination, the baked apple ice cream topped with caramelized apples, baked apple, and shortbread cookies, is a must-try! Another fantastic alternative is Panet, a toasted brioche filled with ice cream and toppings.

Where to find it?

Rocambolesc has become very popular over the years and opened five shops in 3 different cities in Spain – Barcelona, Madrid, and Girona.

17001 GIRONA
+34 972 416 667

LA RAMBLA, 51-59
+34 93 743 11 25

28005 MADRID
+34 910 56 00 19

The newest addition to the Rocambolesca family is opened in Houston, USA.


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