The new favourite of the roads is with you: Ferrari Roma Spider Introduced!

Ferrari Roma Spider

Ferrari manages to be one of the best in the industry with its super luxury sports cars. The Ferrari Roma Spider model, which has been expected for a while and has just been introduced, is a candidate to be one of the best of the brand. The car, which attracts attention with its design details and powerful equipment, has a convertible body type.

We can say that the new Roma Spider model, which was introduced at the event, has already started to attract intense interest. The designers, who made the roof part of the car from fabric, seem to have concentrated on both the interior and exterior design of the car. Roma Spider, a car that can be customised up to the type of fabric and stitches, contains a special work that ensures that passengers are not affected by the wind.

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The Ferrari Roma Spider can accelerate from standstill to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds. Impressive enough? Then we have to say that the car accelerates from 0-200km/h in 9.7 seconds. The non-Spider version of the Ferrari Roma can also accelerate from 0-100km/h in 3.4 seconds, but when it comes to 0-200km/h, the Coupe version does it in 9.3 seconds, while the Spider takes 9.7 seconds. The top speed of both cars is set at 320 km/h.

It will be the best of the roads: Ferrari Roma Spider

The car, which has a segmented headlamp design, surprises those who see it with its grille design. In addition to the grille design that gives the car a retro look, the lower part of the car is covered with carbon fibre. The designers of the Ferrari Roma Spider, which has a segmented lighting system in the front and rear, preferred to collect the opening fabric roof in the rear section of the vehicle.

The effect it creates with its exterior appearance is also created with its interior design and equipment. The digital display area behind the steering wheel and the infotainment screen in the centre console look extremely successful. At the same time, the screen just in front of the right front seat has the ability to control the infotainment screen.


Roma Spider Features

Sunroof opening speed: 13.5 seconds at 60 km/h
612 horsepower
3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 engine
760 Nm torque value
Dual-clutch and eight-speed automatic transmission
0-100 km/h acceleration in 3.4 seconds
200 km/h in 9.7 seconds
Electronically adjustable, self-heating seat.
It is not yet known when the Ferrari Roma Spider will be on the market, and no information has been shared about its price.


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