The Midnight Library Book: 2 Reasons Why This is an Incredible Life Changing Book

Have you ever thought about how much a book can change a person’s perspective on life? The Midnight Library’s author Matt Haig pushes the human brain to its limits! This book not only opens new horizons in the reader’s mind with thoughtful philosophical sentences but also makes you think about things you have never thought about human existence before!

In this article, I will tell why the book is worth reading without giving spoilers to those who will read the book.

Let’s talk about the book first. Nora Seed is unhappy, her cat died, she is fired from her job and she doesn’t want to live. All she wants is to kill herself and that’s when she encounters the midnight library.This library is a library between life and death. Each book offers her a different life than she could have lived. She finds herself among the books that show her how life could have been if she had made different choices.

Haven’t we all wondered from time to time what our life would be like if we have made different choices? What would it be like if I studied in different departments at the university? What would it be like if I went on our dream vacation with my friend? What would my life be like if I choose someone else as my wife/husband?

People keep thinking about what their life would be like if they changed the choices they made or lessened their regrets. This book allows the reader to embark on a journey to change their life with Nora and to experience the different possibilities that we can experience in life through Nora’s eyes. I think the readers have a lot to learn by putting themselves in Nora’s shoes. You will question what makes a person truly happy. Can you be happy if you have everything? Or will life still be full of challenges? What is true love and is it enough to make you happy?

With this book, you will not only really ask the question, but you will feel the answer in all its depth. One of the biggest reasons why I love this book is that it makes a reader experience something instead of explaining why. We readers feel as if we have embarked on a journey through time and life and have been given the chance to rewrite our lives. Matt Haig makes you think, makes you make mistakes, and lets you learn from your mistakes, instead of giving you the answers about life directly. As it is said in the book, ”You learn by living”.

A person cannot learn some things without living, she/he can keep thinking about the questions he/she never knows the answer to. But with this book, you become Nora and Nora becomes you, you live with her. Instead of trying to explain and make the reader believe something with classical sentences, it easily manages to empathize with the reader by incorporating things that every person can think of in life.

Another thing that I liked about the book was that it quotes a lot of science, and philosophy, and talks about some scientific theories, philosophers, and writers.

A person’s life is like a tree, as a result of each choice, a new branch emerges from that tree. Our life is like a big tree and we are the ones who create the braches by making new choices. Is there anyone in another life who made the opposite choice? This is where quantum physics and multiverse theories come into play. Quantum physics says that all alternative possibilities occur simultaneously. At the same time and in the same place. Your fish in the aquarium is dead and alive at the same time. All universes are on top of each other, and the cosmic flow continues in each universe.

The book shows that human life enters a new universe as a result of every decision and that even a small choice can produce a different result. As a result of each choice, we enter a new universe.

So, for example, we have to make a choice. There are options A and B. And you chose option A. But there is also a version of you that chooses option B, and it continues to live in the multiverse with the consequences of choosing option B. You can’t see this because you chose option A. Nora can also see option B in her midnight library and try to decide whether she likes the lives of different versions of herself who choose different possibilities.

If you could travel between multiverses, what would you like to do? You will find that a choice that you want very much can lead you to a bad life. Feeling that we have entered a different universe in every moment of our lives and in every choice, many possibilities emerge from even the smallest choice is a feeling of freedom that will connect even the most hopeless person to live with hope. It’s great that the book can give that to the reader.

Don’t be surprised if your mind starts to think about deep issues while reading and after reading the book. You can find yourself thinking about existential philosophy and quantum physics!

Finally, I want to end my article with one of the sentences that impressed me in the book;

“There are patterns in life… Rhythms. When you feel restricted in life, it’s easy to think that sadness, tragedy, failure, or fear are the product of a single existence. To think that it is the result of not just living, but of living a certain way. Life would be much easier if we understood that the nature of happiness is pain and that one cannot exist without the other, that we can never be in pure happiness. Thinking that there can be a perfect life can only increase our unhappiness in this life.”

Are you ready to embark on the journey of your life? Then read the midnight library!

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