Tanzania, a country open to various types of tourist activities

Traveling is at the top of the list of good choices to experience a wonderful vacation. The experience is all the richer when the host country has many areas of tourist attractions. Visiting Tanzania is a nature lover’s dream. Its territory consists of several national parks and vast safaris. Large animals, a variety of birds and breathtaking landscapes await you during your visit. But the country is not only an environment. The meeting of the indigenous populations allows you to discover another style of culture.


Holidays under the theme of adventure and a change of scenery in Tanzania

Tanzania welcomes visitors throughout the year. It is characterized by a tropical climate. From November to April, the rain dominates. The rest of the year, drought takes over. There is no right or wrong time to explore Tanzania. The color of the landscape just changes with the seasons. It’s up to you to choose the date that suits you.


If you leave between September and February, you will be less numerous there, because it is the middle season. You will have a wide choice of guides and accommodation. The following month, from March until May, is the abundance of rain. The vegetation shows itself in its most beautiful light. Birdwatchers love this period. It is marked by the flight of large wild birds. From June to August, admire these animals in their natural environment.


The essentials of Tanzania not to be missed during the holidays

During your escapade in the Tanzanian regions, do not miss the visit to the immense reserve of Serengeti. Its name is recognized worldwide for its biodiversity. On an area of ​​14,000 m² live savannah animals. If you are present in the country during the great migration, the spectacle is dazzling. Crossing the herd to find green pastures is a great travel experience. This park is also the kingdom of lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes and rhinos. These are the Big Five.


Continue your stay marco vasco safari tanzania in Kilimanjaro National Park. This mountain is the highest peak in the world. Before enjoying the view from the top of this summit, explore the surrounding forests. You will find the famous baobab trees there.


Indulge in fun activities while on vacation in Tanzania

Exploring the tourist routes of Tanzania will dazzle backpackers. To reconnect with nature, other activities in addition to site visits can be considered. Hiking and trekking during the stay marco vasco safari tanzania makes the adventure more beautiful. It is a very entertaining way to see the floras, faunas and scenery of the country.


Several places are conducive to its practice on Tanzanian territory. Kibo Peak and Mawenzi take you to Mount Kilimanjaro. If you are passionate about cycling or quad biking, these solutions are perfect for exploring the reserves. Because holidays rhyme with beach and sun, go to Dar es Salaam. You can swim and walk on the white sand. The shores also offer the possibility of windsurfing.

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