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Did you realized before that there are two red heart emojis?

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Emojis have entered in our lives when we have started to use iPhones. They play a big part in our life. When we communicate through messages, we use emojis to clarify our point and to show what we feel to the receiver of our message. As some people donʼt use emojis, thinking that theyʼre too fake, there are also some other people who find them relevant to their communication skills. Iʼm one of those who find it much better to use emojis in my daily messages, today Iʼll be talking about two emojis who caught my attention a lot.

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We use heart emojis to show our love and affection to the receiver. There are approximately twenty heart emojis, from which you can choose to show your affection in the best way possible. For example, if you are talking with your crush and you donʼt want to seem to eager, you can use a yellow heart emoji instead of a red bold one. Or, if you are talking with your family, you can use a red heart emoji to show your love in the kindest way possible.

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But what caught my attention is that, there are two red heart emojis.

The first one on the left is called ‘Heart Suitʼ. I pretty much believe that it got itʼs name from those card games. This emoji is used for love, affection and kindness.
The one on the right is called, ‘Red Heart Emojiʼ. As this one is the most popular heart emoji, this emoji is mostly used for romantical purposes, too.
If you use an iPhone, you know that most of the heart emojis have the same design as with the one on the right. But, the one on the left stays there alone, by itself, too. From my perspective, the one on the left seems much more cuter. When someone sends me ‘Heart Suitʼ emoji, instead of the ‘Red Heart Emojiʼ, it would come to me as much more joyful and kind. I believe that the much darker red, and slightly less curvy edges affected my decision in this. For some, the one on the left seems to be more cold and distant. As the one on the right is brighter and has a sharp look, some say that it explains its point without even trying. But regarding all those points, I will still choose the one the left, which heatens my heart a lot.

As both of them are used mainly to show our love, it doesnʼt make a grand difference either using a ‘Heart Suitʼ emoji or a ‘Red Heart Emojiʼ. The thing that matter is to showing our love to whom deserves.

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