One Idea for Real Marketers and Future Customers Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

real marketers

Indeed the ultimate goal of many real marketers nowadays is to get the maximum sales and profits as quickly as possible.

But, this article is not for this type of real marketer.

It is for those who understand the benefits of building successful long-term relationships with customers by adding value to them.

My idea is about the possibility of using artificial intelligence (AI) in the future for the benefit of customers and marketers.

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Besides having tools that collect information about customers from social media and the internet. And having online and offline research tools (like surveys) to know customers well and thus add value to them.

How about having a tool with the help of AI to collect information from people’s photos and videos.

We are in the era of visuals, and we all know about Instagram which helps users share moments using their photos and videos.

Imagine having the ability to collect more information by knowing about customers’ travels, favorite foods, types of clothes, and many more with a single tool.

This tool gives information by analyzing all the uploaded photos and videos on the internet. And then giving straightforward information about the customers while maintaining all people’s privacy.

The future tool will detect and translate objects, expressions, and situations in photos or videos intelligently to words that humans can understand. And after that marketers can make better decisions to satisfy customers or even help them discover their wants and demands.

I hope that this future tool I have suggested benefits all people by making life happier, easier, and simpler without having any negative implications.

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