Nicolas Cage’s Bombastic AMA Session On Reddit!

Nicolas Cage AMA Session on Reddit

Can I see Nicolas Cage fans here? I’m sure you already know the AMA session the last weekend he did, but if you missed let’s run to Reddit and check! Because it was a delightful event in there 🙂 He answered all questions of his fans from favorite pasta to favorite movies and more. Also, fans meet there with the same emotions. He and his fans’ reactions were very warm and positive, that’s why at the end of the event, it stayed a very enjoyable event in our minds 🙂

Nicolas Cage AMA Session on Reddit

To be honest, I didn’t know many things about Nicolas Cage before I saw him on Reddit. After reading his answers, I’m a fan of him now:) Let’s look at why!

He’s a movie star in his life before the movies:

Fan asked him who’s favorite character in literature and his answer is Dmitri Karamozov because he spent his all money on girl. And this point, he shared his high school memory for this question. For bloom night he spent the money his grandmother gave him on the chauffeur-driven limousine, a tuxedo, and a four-course meal at Le Dome- What a life!- That’s why he said “I was Dmitri Karamazov in high school”. Really he is 🙂

He has a wisely perspective:

Other fan asked question about movie Willy’s Wonderland. Question was related with when he went to “recharge” (grab a can from 6 pack) was it secretly filled with alcohol or anythingelse and his perspective for this question is impressive to me. He thinks that audiences’ relationship with movie is more important than his relationship. That’s why, he answered that whatever their opinion is the right one.

Willy's Wonderland- Nicolas Cage

His favorite performance is in “Pig” for him:

He thinks that movie, along with Scorsese’s Bringing Out The Dead are his two best movies as a whole. For him, Pig is more naturalistic and quiet production. I didn’t watch Pig yet but I’m really curious that he’s right, I’ll watch 🙂


He would like to play  Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo :

One more fan asked him about dream role and he said Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo because of character loves ocean like him. Ocean man is here and I really would like to watc him in this character – Announce to producers, this is the big request! –

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is in everywhere April 22:

Nicolas Cage’s last movie will be everywhere soon. What’s the subject of Massive Talent? It’s very interesting actually because Nicolas Cage is playing Nick Cage in a meta-action-comedy. Of course, it’s not a biography movie but like Nicolas Cage fell down from a Hollywood career in a parallel universe. The story started with Nick’s desperate situation and wants to play a new movie then things get crazy later when Nick finds out that his fan is a drug lord as he continues to attend his billionaire fan’s birthday party for money. I’m looking forward to watch Pedro Pascal and Nicolas Cage together in this movie 🙂

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

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