How To Find Your Inner Passion?

inner passion

 Inner Passion matters ! Each of us is an artist. It doesn’t really matter who is more suited for science or art: in some way or another, everyone creates something that benefits the world. Or, at least, we try to. 

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However, there are some people who are passionate about so many things and that has pros and cons. On the contrary, there are other people who know exactly what they want to do, maybe since they’re children, and they pursue it until they get it. 

The second category of people has a great advantage: they perfectly know what to do to reach their goal and they have no doubt during their path. Being close to other opportunities and discovering new parts of themselves is the disadvantage. 

For the second category, the prospect of life is really tough: they go up and down, from a choice to another one, by hoping one day to find their inner passion. That thing that keeps you awake all night, that visualization of yourself that you actually really like. For them, it is hard to find because they like many things and they love experiencing all of them. 

But someday or another, in this world, we are required to choose one sector for the rest of our life and work for it. Is this fair ? I don’t know, but it is what it is. So, let’s face it. 

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Consequently, how could you find your inner passion? What are you really good at? What is that thing that keeps you awake all night? 

The real answer is up to you, but maybe there could be some tips to help you find it. 

Imagine your inner  passion like a small plant that today you decide to put in a pot. The first thing to do is to get a pot, which could be the place that inspires you, your treehouse, your temple, as a metaphor. The idea is to build your own fort, as you used to do with a pair of sheets and two chairs when you were a kid. Go back to your childhood. 

If you study, I guess you have a place for it, as well as if you are a freelancer; passion needs the same thing, a place where to be and where it is capable of creating wonderful things. 

If you’re a cook, you’ll need a kitchen; if you’re a writer, you’ll need a desk, maybe at the cafeteria, at the library, at the park, or in a winery. If you’re a photographer, you’ll need open spaces and a variety of places to take different kinds of pictures. If you’re a language learner, you’ll need a great amount of flight tickets because your place should be the world. If you’re a reader, a bookshop, being surrounded by all those books, could be the perfect match. 

Once you get your pot, you will need soil, otherwise how do you think it could grow? The soil is the metaphor for the tool: a writer needs a laptop (and/or a notebook), a photographer needs a proper camera, a cook needs good pots and pans, a reader needs a kindle. Nowadays, a tool could also be an online course to improve your skills, for that reason be sure to save some money in order to begin your inner passion. 

At this point, you have planted your plant, you will put it somewhere, maybe where it could take some light and, hereinafter, everyday, you will water it. Water is a metaphor for time, the time that you will dedicate for growing your plant.

Here’s your date with yourself and your plant: you’ve got your place, your tool and your time. 


There’s only one thing left to do: choose the right plant. How? 

What’s your favorite plant? You’d rather a pothos or a cactus ? Sunflowers or tulips? You’re confused, maybe you like them all. 

What is that plant that makes you get up in the morning, even if it’s 5AM? Because you know the sensation of actually feeling yourself? 


Here’s my tips to better know yourself and choose the Inner Passion: 


  1. Write down all the things you’re good at, even if they’re superficial or stupid (who cares?)
  2. Look at the list and establish a weekly plan: everyday schedule a date with one of these things and don’t miss it out! 
  3. At the end of the week, try to remember which was the best day of the week, the one more fulfilling for you (if necessary, try this method for several weeks) 
  4. Pick one, go on and meet yourself everyday: if time passes and you realize that you don’t feel passionate about it, feel free to change your path. It’s your path, so your decision and no-one is judging you, except yourself. 


The only thing to understand what we want to do with our life and career is just do it and try as many things as possible: at least, you’ll end by knowing what you don’t want to do. 


Hi there! My name is Alessandra, born in 1996, among the rolling hills of Tuscany (Italy). Reading and writing are my simple ways to escape from reality a little bit, along with a glass of good wine 🍷✍🏻

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