Happy World Book Day! 10 FACT


World Book Day
World Book Day

World Book Day is celebrated every year on the 23rd of April. This event was organized by UNESCO in 1995. The main purpose of World Book Day is to promote books and the enjoyment of reading. 

According to the statical reports, the number of readers is declining each year, and less time is allotted to reading.

In this topic, we are going to talk about how to make more time to read, despite having a busy schedule. Many people usually complain that they are “too busy” to sit down and read because they have “little time”. But that is more an excuse than the truth.

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Here are some tips from an avid reader about how to make time for reading:  – World Book Day

  • Set goals. This doesn’t mean you have to read 100 pages a day! One thing to keep in mind is to start small. It can be 2 pages or 10. The main goal here is to read more even if you have a busy schedule.
  • Find your genre. There is no point in reading a book about science if you are into romance novels. If you are a fan of those novels, focus on finding them. But also, don’t forget to try other genres that you’ve never read before, because they open new worlds and many dimensions for you. And maybe you’ll even like it, who knows?
  • Always bring a book with you wherever you go. When you are waiting for your doctor’s appointment or for the public transport to arrive, read! You will never know when you have the right moment.
  • Read while commuting. More and more people bring their books or Kindles / Ebooks with them on the train or bus. This is the perfect moment to read, even if you are a few stops away or if it’s a long journey. 
  • Join book clubs. Do you want to discuss a book that you are reading with someone else who is also reading the same thing? Book clubs will let you have a chance to express your ideas and thoughts. This will also help you to move forward with your reading. 
  • Read the books on which the movies are based. Do you want to watch the movie Forrest Gump? Or Schindler’s List? These two movies are examples of movies based on books. Why not read them instead of watching the movies? 
  • Go digital. If you don’t have any books at home and you are reading online, then make sure to have a reader application on your devices that will help you keep track of your reading progress. If you feel uncomfortable reading on a phone or on a small screen, then perhaps a Kindle, or an Ebook could be an option. 
  • Avoid distractions while reading. Put your phone away while reading or sit in a room where there are fewer distractions. If you are reading on your phone, make sure to turn off the app notifications! 
  • Audiobooks also count. This goes well if you are driving alone or if you want to do things around the house and keep your mind distracted.
  • Stop making excuses! Even if your schedules are busy there will ALWAYS be some free time in between. Try to read a bit before going to sleep or before getting up. Or stop looking at things on the internet and spend that free time READING!       

I hope this article inspires you to read more. Reading is fun because it sparks your creativity, and it’s also a good way to enhance your vocabulary. 

Happy World Book Day, everyone! 

I love writing and reading. I also love sushi too :)

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