Elon Musk’s An Amazed Offer To Twitter- $43 Billion

Elon Musk Twitter

We know Elon Musk is one of the richest people in this world. We describe him as a co-founder of Tesla and PayPal, also the founder of SpaceX as well. But now we’ll talk about him on Twitter! Because his new target is Twitter but how and why, is this Twitter war? Let’s check what’s happening nowadays!

How Did Elon Musk Start To Twitter Shareholder?

Elon Musk is an active user of Twitter and has 81 million followers. He shares new evolvements in his companies and sometimes likes to share funny memes for his followers. He really likes to use Twitter but sometimes, he complained about the platform should be improved.

Actually he gave a signal to us while sharing a survey about Twitter on his account. One of them was Twitter algorithm should be open source and 83% of Twitter users said “yes”. He asked that does Twitter has a free speech principle in another of his tweet. All of these kinds of tweets were showing us that he’s thinking about new social media or wants to improve new kinds of Twitter according to his thoughts.

He increased his shareholder in Twitter to 5% on 24 March. After a short time, he became the largest individual investor with 9% on April 4 of Twitter and started to work on Twitter with analysis and surveys.

Elon Musk TwitterElon Musk Twitter

CEO of Twitter Parag Agrawal shared that he’s excited about appointing Elon Musk to their board and believed Elon Musk will help improve Twitter with his passion and critical skills. Also, Elon Musk answered this tweet positively.

Twitter Elon Musk

And on April 11, Parag Agrawal announced that Elon Musk had refused to join their board team. This was a huge troll by Elon Musk because the day he said he wouldn’t participate was also the day he would officially join the board.

Parag Agrawal

He offered to buy Twitter for $43 billion on 14 April. He’s defending himself that Twitter should be transformed privately. He’s saying Twitter can’t change and improve as a public platform.

Why Does Elon Musk Want Twitter?

Twitter doesn’t have as big an audience as Facebook or Instagram social media platforms. They were updated generally but Twitter stayed the same mostly and this platform didn’t grow too much, Twitter is like forgotten. But still, it’s social media and has users that’s why powerful though has its weaknesses. Because there is a speech power, who wants to gain supporters like businesspeople, politicians, and more, use this platform. Thoughts are talking in Twitter as soft power.

Elon Musk talked on TED Talks about Twitter, Tesla, and the future, he mentioned interesting points for what he’s thinking about Twitter. So let’s look at these interesting points.

When I watched this TED Talks, firstly I thought, even he doesn’t explain why he did it. On another side, while explaining the reason he was very sensitive to choosing true words and playin to tribunes. Elon Musk drew a general frame in TED Talks that he wants to create an inclusive arena for free speech that’s why he wants to open source on Twitter. Elon Musk’s added to it’s also important for spreading freedom to other countries as the USA freedom country. But also he contrasts with himself because he said that this isn’t a way to make money and doesn’t look like an economic.

Maybe we can make a comment as he’s thinking that Twitter turn into his powerful place as a marketing or political. Also, he wants to free speech on Twitter but other side was saying that algorıtym is needed to organize tweets and said if one tweet in grey area, I can accept this tweet on platform. So here is a contrast, is it free speech or organizing speech 🙂 Even he doesn’t decide to improve way as I understood from conference. But for now,he is continue to do surveys on Twitter and wants to improve Twitter with users as well.

Elon Musk has many supporters for buying Twitter. Yesterday “Bitcoin Archive” account tweeted a survey with followers that they want Elon Musk to buy Twitter or not and 73% of users said “yes” to this question.

Elon Musk is a smart and the richest man, also has an unguessable personality but let’s see, what’ll happen and what’ll we see at soon 🙂

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