Four “Basic” Pieces That You Should Definitely Have in Your Wardrobe!

Other than having colorful clothes, accessories, bags, jeans or even swimsuit, every girl and woman needs to have “so basic” pieces that can match with any outfit they could be wearing one day.

What I actually mean by the expression: “so basic” are the classic pieces each one of us should have in her wardrobe, in particular the white and black ones.

In this article, I will list the most classic pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe:

White shirt                           

Whether its texture is silky, soft or even hard, having a white shirt in your wardrobe is a must!

It is a formal piece that can be paired with formal suits forming a formal outfit. It can be paired also with a pair of denim jeans, whether they are black or blue, with or without a blazer, to form a sport-chic outfit.

In winter for example, you can pair a white shirt with a sweater, a vest or a pull with a pair of leather legging or a denim slim or palazzo jeans.

Black\blue slim cut denim jeans

Yes, this piece is very important to have in your wardrobe as it can be paired with any top, crop top or shirt that you have.

Slim cut denim jeans can make your outfit look casual and be worn every day or sport-chic that can be wore for daily work meetings with a blazer.

Having a slim cut black or blue denim jeans is very essential as it is a basic and classical piece that can be worn every day for any occasion.

Black blazer

Having a black blazer in your wardrobe is extremely important as it can be styled in many ways as we said before.

You can were a black blazer if you are having lunch with your friends, or if you have an urgent meeting at work.

A black blazer can be paired with a little black dress, a shirt and a pair of formal pants or denim pants.

Black dress

You should definitely buy a little black dress, whether it looks very formal or casual.

Having a black dress in your wardrobe can save you from falling into the nightmare of “what I should I wear? I don’t have anything that suits this occasion in my wardrobe!”

You can wear a black dress on a night out with your friends, your boyfriend or even for urgent work meetings.

A black dress can be styled with a blazer for example. In this way you are giving your outfit a formal look.

If your black dress is casual, you can wear with it a white shirt and a pair of sneakers to give your outfit a sport-chic look.

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