Are you an underweight person? This article is for you!

Being an underweight person for more than four years was the most difficult challenge I have ever encountered since my birth! Yes, I know that what you are reading right now may be shocking for many of you but being underweight was a big part of my daily life as a teenager.

You may be asking why I decided to change my body? To gain more weight? Or if I took this decision after getting bullied because of my “thin” body appearance? But the answer is a big NO!

I took this decision after seeing myself in the mirror as an unhealthy teen. I was not eating in a regular way, I had no lifestyle, and I saw that my body needed this! My body needed to appear in a healthy way.

I didn’t care to any of the opinions or comments I was getting but all what I was caring about was my body. I was ill, my body was ill too. I wanted only to see my body gain his energy back and be stronger than ever and that’s when I took my decision: start gaining weight!

My journey was not easy and I did not went through it alone! With the help of my dietitian and my gym coach I gained four kilograms in just three months. Even if I experienced so much pain after practicing body building, but the results of my work were even more amazing than the expectations I had in mind.

For every underweight person reading this, I am here to support you. Don’t forget that even if you are underweight because of physical or psychological problems, you can overcome all these difficulties and shine back again.

As an ex-underweight, I decided today by writing this article, to share my experience with you and give you some little tips that can help you to gain weight again but don’t forget to consult your dietitian before doing any of them as each body has its own mechanism!

  • Drink water!

Water! Never forget this! Water is and should be an essential part of your daily routine. Other than having hydrating properties, water can aid in digestion, boost your immune system and protect your organ and tissues.

Don’t forget to drink water everyday 30 minutes before having your first meal to help digestion.

  • Breakfast is an important meal to have

Having breakfast every day is so important. Breakfast provides a lot of your daily total nutrient intake in addition that it can help in improving concentration and memory.

  • Have at least five meals

To gain weight, you should at least have five meals during the day: breakfast, snack one, lunch, snack 2, dinner, snack 3. Each principle meal should contain at least 1200 to 2000 calories. Don’t forget to wait at least two hours before having another meal.

  • Practice sports daily

you should practice sports daily but in particular body building as it can help you gain weight in a healthy way by gaining more muscle mass. Don’t forget to eat foods that are rich in protein as muscle fibers are made of protein. Taking a high protein intake, can help your muscles to grow.

  • Eat more carbs, more protein

Eating food rich in carbs such as bread, beans, milk, potatoes, spaghetti and food rich in protein such as fish, chicken, eggs, meat, and avocado can help your body gain weight. Try to include carbs and proteins in every meal during the day as these nutrients can help you gain weight in a healthy way especially when you are eating such food and practicing sports as said earlier at the same time.


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