Get in the right spirit for Christmas with these TV show episodes!

We have listed the best Christmas-themed episodes for you!

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Our favourite time of Holiday is right around the corner and what better way to get in the Christmas spirit than to watch holiday themed tv episodes of some of the most iconic shows? With only a few weeks left for christmas, we have prepared the best tv show episodes list that is guaranteed to set the right tone for the upcoming holiday season. Whether you have watched the shows before or not, this list is a great way to spend some quality time with lots of laughs and love with your family and friends. Without further explanation, let’s get right into it!


Family guy

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (Season 11, Episode 8)

In this episode of Family Guy, the characters create a cosplay to tell the history of Christmas, from how Jesus was born to how Christianity emerged. Given the satirical concept of the show however, it is undoubtfully a more light-hearted and funny narrative than an educational one. Peter explains the story of Christmas to his family, with Peter as Joseph and Lois as Mary throughout the episode. Not only is the story itself a target of the jokes made, but so is the time period is takes place in. Lives of the people of that era, especially those of women, is taken into hand giving a funny insight into what it must have been like to live in that era. Subtle pokes are made about Christianity, awakening curiosity in an entertaining manner. This episode is definitely one to ensure lots of laughs with loved ones!

Family Guy Christmas
Family Guy Christmas

Road to the North Pole (Season 9, Episode 7)

This second episode from Family Guy is slightly more thought provoking and maybe a little darker than other Christmas episodes. It is however just as funny as any other episode you may come across in this show. It begins with the characters of Stewie and Brian travelling to find Santa Claus, up in the North pole. The conditions they witness there however are far from what they had expected; Santa is having trouble keeping up with the gift demands he’s been receiving and is very worn-out along with the elves and reindeers. As exciting it is to spectate in the adventures of Stewie and Brian throughout their experience, it is also interesting to think about what Christmas would have looked like if Santa were real. The greed and commercialism of society in contemporary times is undoubtfully an outstanding theme of the episode. The end of the episode however, ends on a positive note without letting the darkness take toll. If you’re looking to experience a roller coaster of emotions based on the theme of Christmas, society and adventure, this one is definitely for you!

Family Guy Christmas
Family Guy Christmas

The Office

Moroccan Christmas (Season 5, 2008)

This episode in the office truly is a little bit of everything, capturing the chaotic environment created by most Christmas gatherings. The spotlight in this episode is mainly on Meredith, who organizes a Moroccan themed Christmas party as the new head of the party-planning committee. Meredith’s drinking problem quickly becomes apparent after she downs and ‘equal-part rum, scotch, vermouth, gin, absinth and Splenda cocktail’ prepared by Michael. After becoming so drunk she sets her own hair on fire, Michael forcefully decides to check her into rehab. At the meantime, Jim is busy pranking Dwight, and Dwight is busy establishing his very own Christmas gifts business. Phyliss on the other hand, has e very important announcement to make, which undoubtfully will become the cherry on top of this turbulent party.

Secret Santa (Season 6, 2009)

This episode we must say is for those who appreciate a little dark humor. If you don’t enjoy politically-incorrect jokes, as are most of Michael’s humor tends to contain, we suggest you to skip this one. Jim and Dwight grant Phyliss an opportunity to dress as Santa for this seasons office Christmas party, making Michael unhappy, to say the least. Powered by jealousy and disapproval, Michael dresses as Santa anyway, attempting to steal the spotlight from Phyliss. This episode contains excessive amounts of sexist and fat jokes, mainly aimed at Phyliss that is. Apart from Michael’s immature yet hilarious blows, a touch of romance is also apparent throughout the scenes as we witness Andy and Erin’s love starting to Bloom. Funny and creative Secret Santa gift ideas are an added bonus for the viewers of this episode.

How I met your Mother

How Lily Stole Christmas (Season 2, Episode 11)

In this episode of ‘How I met your Mother’ in their apartment decorated for Christmas, Ted and Lily sit together listening to old messages left in the answering machine. However one specific message is of Ted badmouthing Lily, causing a rift between them. Although a discouraging incident to come across in Christmas, the cold fight between them doesn’t last very long. On the last scene, while spending Christmas on Staten Island with his cousin Stacy and her family, Ted answers the doorbell to see Marshall, Robin, Barney, and Lily standing there with a beer mug. The group departs for home after Lily and Ted exchange regrets,  reminding us all what Christmas is all about; friends ad forgiveness. Fun fact about the episode: As a joke, Barney refers to Ted as “Ted Vivian Mosby”. Later, it is made known that Ted’s real middle name is “Evelyn,” a name that is frequently used by women. This is a heart-warming episode for those who are feeling slightly more on the nostalgic side.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Christmas (Season 1, Episode 11)

In this episode, Colin Haines – a criminal put away by Holt for some time, is roaming the city with a hunger for revenge. And as a result of this, Jake is assigned to be the bodyguard of Holt, who seems to be receiving death threats from this criminal. Jake handles the situation by placing Holt in a safe house while –with the help of Boyle, he tries to find the source of the death threats. Terry in the meantime, is subjected to a psych evaluation in in hopes of to getting back to working in the field. Amy and Gina on the other hand, join their powers in an attempt to design the perfect Christmas card for Holt. this episode, as seen with Jakes efforts to protect Holt, and Terry’s refusal to stay passive inn a situation where Holts life is in question is a perfect example of friends and family being their for one another, making i the perfect episode to watch on Christmas.

Yippie Kayak (Season 3, Episode 10)

This episode is as chaotic as it is funny, just as all Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes seem to be, making them the perfect adventure to watch. A store at Christmas is robbed and taken over by criminals and Jake treats this is an opportunity to live out his Die-hard dreams as takes the situation under control. Terry leaves his family in Christmas to save Gina, Boyle and Jake. And may, on the other hand, takes part in an open Sean swimming race in the Atlantic Ocean, in the freezing cold of December weather. This episode demonstrates how the individual characters are all tied at heart with one another, demonstrating true friendship. With a little bit of that and a little bit of this, the scenes are filled with action and adventure, while giving us the comedy dose we require, making it the ideal episode to watch in the holiday season!


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