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After applying for a job or university program, we’ll always have an interview part as a determiner but also an extremely reactionist thing 🙂 This is the most important part of applications because interviewers see you face-to-face or virtual, talk directly with you, and have foresight while doing interviews. If you apply somewhere many times, after a while, you get to used for the interview but still feel excited a bit 🙂

An amazing interview

Take a deep breath, listen to your heart, don’t push yourself, and remember this won’t be the end of the way. Let’s first make relax ourselves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6H7pVhd6Ik with meditation then start to talk about tricks for having the best interview 🙂

I would like to share my interview experiences both for master’s program acceptance and taking a job because I applied for many jobs in many different countries and also had a master interview two days ago 🙂 And that’s why I would like to talk about this and share what I thought and observed 🙂 So if you feel relaxed a bit, let’s get started on to journey that will lead you to a successful interview 🙂

I applied for one master’s program in another country. Maybe you know how the process is going for this kind of application. You’re completing the application on the online platform, writing a motivational letter, and then waiting for the response for the interview 🙂 This is also the same for job application, you’re applying, sending your CV, and motivational letter (sometimes) then waiting for your interview offer. So what should we do while in the interview? How should we answer their question?

1. Research Organization:

It doesn’t matter which position or where you applied, but just one reality is people want to accept/hire people who have really interested, they want to see your passion in an interview. You can know basic things from their websites but if you also know current projects, what they are trying, and what kind of differences they want to create, they will put a big plus near your name 🙂

You can check LinkedIn, and social media account of companies for the job interview. You can take a look at program structures, lecturers, and outcomes. All of this little research help you show you’re interested.

2. Show Your Interest At The Right Time:

Master/job interview

Okay, we researched and learn new developments, strategies, and achievements. How can we use this while doing the interview? And here is the point we should attack 🙂 Because this time, we’ll separate ourselves from other candidates.

Imagine you’re interviewer accepting new students to a university’s program or hiring for a company. What kind of student/ employee do you want in your incorporation? In this part, we’ll base this question and find the best answer 🙂

They like asking the why you want this position and work for this company in a job interview, add your answers the company’s current work, their ethics, or achievements. Because it means you really interested with their company and wants to do move with them for HR.

And the same thing is also for the master interview. When they ask you why you want this program, why you chose our university, your answer should involve your willingness and motivation for this program also add university’s academic success or say that your study program will grow me in an academic area and carry me the top point I wanted. Because in this sentence, I can understand you have motivation for the program and choose this university for improving yourself more.

Shortly, interviewers want to see a good reason to work/study not just to gain money, need a job, or gain a master’s degree also you should support your reason with tricks in above 🙂

tips for interview

3. Add To Be Part Of University/Company To Your Future Plan:

This is also a very important point to me. Let’s imagine you’re an interviewer again, that you had two interviews, one of them said that want to be part of your company and grow step by step with you. The second person told the career plan without saying this kind of word. So who would you prefer? I would choose first-person 🙂 and they also choose the same person mostly.

We know what should we do 🙂 In the job interview, you can mention how much you’re excited to grow with the company and support them for expansion. Choose your words from the company’s eyes.

In the master’s interview, you can add your academic information about the program for bringing success to the university. They like to ask master thesis and you can say your topic with specific detail with your department like I would like to study this topic with this theory. When you talked about your future career plans, add researching at university, academic career, or working with the university. This kind of answer help to consider you a positive way.

4. Cover Your Disadvantages:

No one is perfect and perfectly fits on requirements of a job offer. Of course, we will have disadvantages, weaknesses, and missing but while you’re doing the interview, don’t focus on your disadvantages. Use your disadvantages to gain an advantage 🙂

Let’s take an example of my interview for the master’s program. The interviewer asked me what did I do in all my bachelor’s degrees. Here my answer should include school clubs, conferences, and more formal things but I wasn’t this kind of an active student because I was working. That’s why I explained this situation and added that still improved my mindset as much as I could. Here is the point they wanted to learn how much you’re trying to improve yourself.

The same thing is also in the job interview. They can find your experiences weak but you can cover this with what you learned already for this position. We can’t be %100 match with anything, but we can market what we had impressively 🙂

5. Good Looking:

After all the strategic points, we also have to talk about good-looking. The first impression comes from your looking, you know everyone looks first book cover so we have to be careful what we will wear and how we will act during the interview. Don’t forget to look like a professional. It will make think about how much you’re taking a serious for this interview. Do dress up chic, look professional, and get this acceptance 🙂

To sum up, you read 5 basic but pretty useful tips above and the main idea is all of these tips and more, you should show how much you want to do this and be always confident with your achievements. Questions can change but the intent never changes. I mean, they would like to see your motivation mostly and whether you can handle it or not, that’s why they’re asking many questions in a different way.

Don’t worry and feel stressed during the interview, believe in yourself, show your passion, market what you had, act a professional, and get your job/ acceptance letter 🙂

And if you have still worries and stresses a lot, check this post here https://themozinity.com/3103-2/

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