3 Weird Things You Can Do To Achieve Happiness

3 Weird Things You Can Do To Achieve Happiness
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I’m happy that you have clicked on this article. It means that you know you need to DO something in order to be happy. And you’re not waiting for your state of mind to change by accident.

The truth is that happiness often comes as a result of specific actions.

But today you will understand that happiness is not hard to achieve. You can create it with simple things that you might not have considered or thought about before. Let’s start.

1-Playing with dolls is the best thing ever:

Dolls mean a lot for one creative family (I know) who is not feeling weird sharing their happiness with the world.

It all started when the parents of this family started to get dolls for their kids.

Those kids enjoyed playing with dolls by creating a character for each one. And they even chose a birthday date for some of them.

They gave them names and decided to take care of them well. They consider their dolls a valuable thing and give them all the love in the world.

Those kids are in their 20s and 30s now and still play with dolls, and I can’t express enough how much this family is happy.

The mother and father do play too with dolls and enjoy doing that every day.

Every person in this family naturally expresses their creativity by letting the dolls speak, move, or laugh in a specific way.

They have also created enjoyable and funny videos for these dolls and keep playing these videos to express their thoughts and feelings.

So why don’t you do the same? It is a pure thing which will help you remember your childhood and express yourself.

I believe that playing with dolls can reduce stress and create fun moments that can’t be created otherwise.

Practical tip: Go and play with kids while they are playing with dolls. This can allow you to bring out your inner child creatively and thus feel so happy.

2-Talking to yourself every day is normal:

We are in the 21st century, and yet many people think that talking to themselves is a crazy thing or a waste of time.

Studies have confirmed that positively talking to yourself will benefit your memory, solve your problems, and motivate you.

And surprisingly some negative self-talks don’t hurt because they can provide you with helpful and realistic feedback to improve in the future.

However, too much negative self-talk can decrease your confidence and thus affect your performance in the long run.

Practical tip: allocate 1 hour or 2 hours every day to speak positively about your achievements, actions, fears, failures, etc. You could allocate 1 hour in the morning when you wake up and 1 hour in the afternoon.

If self-talk can improve your mind and motivate you, it will definitely make you happier. To make it even better, walk in your room while doing it, it will burn calories along the way.

3-Wearing your best clothes at home is fun:

It is so simple. Choose your favourite clothes you save in your closet for special days and wear them at home.

Indeed, you need to feel comfortable in these clothes. They could be your new jeans or a colourful t-shirt that you like so much.

You will not only look better but also you will feel better. I believe wearing your best clothes will create happiness because you will have positive self-talk about yourself in your brain due to your good look.

Practical tip: Go immediately to your closet and choose your best clothes and wear them. Just do it. Don’t wait for the happy moments to happen create them.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, happy life is not all about big achievements. It is about taking care of ourselves creatively.

For example, researchers have found that people feel happy and energized when they are part of everyday creative endeavors. They found also that being in a positive mood correlates with creative thinking.

So, imagine if you put the effort every day to experience positive emotions like excitement and enthusiasm. Your life and others’ lives will be blessed with happiness.

Of course, we should not forget that giving your happiness recipe to others will make you happy too.

As Anne Frank said:

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too.”

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