What is Advertising and How Does It Affect on Our Lives?

What is Advertising?

Advertising in its most general definition; It is the promotion of various goods and services to large masses of people through media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, posters and signboards. Advertising can help consumers to make the most of their money by informing them about where and how to buy and how to use these goods and services. At the same time, it supports manufacturers or businessmen to find a good market, evaluate their capital, and introduce new production and investments.

Advertisement; It is a promotional work included in promotion activities, which is one of the 4Ps of marketing.

Defined as 5M:

  • Money
  • Message
  • Mission
  • Measurement
  • Media

consists of 5 components.

A General Information About Adversitings

Advertising is so wide that it is not possible to express it with a single sentence or example, both in the sense of the word and in terms of its place in our lives. While we are sitting, walking, on vacation, watching television, listening to the radio, we can feel the effect of advertisements in every minute of our lives. These advertisements, which appear everywhere at any time, are often unloved. It has become a reflex to change the advertisement that appears after the TV series, to search for another song without listening to the advertisement that appears after the song on the radio, and to hide the advertisement that pops up while surfing the internet.

In general, we can say that advertisements are  products of intelligence. People consider ads without creativity as unnecessary sound and image. In this respect, it is very important to add difference to the advertisements. Otherwise, these ads will be a waste of time for people and will be boring to them.

How Should a Good Advertisement Be?

If there is nothing in the ad that describes you, that ad cannot be interesting. On the other hand, if it’s the same ads that are always seen, you don’t even remember the brand because it’s the same as the other ads while you don’t look at that ad. In this respect, it is a good advertisement;

  • A good advertisement should be in an understandable language that will appeal to the target audience.
  • It should give confidence to the consumer.
  • It should be interesting and encourage people to try the product.
  • It must be different from other advertisements.
  • It should remind people of the introduced product.
  • It should surprise people.
  • It should be prepared by adapting to digital developments.

The main purpose of advertising is to influence people’s lives and encourage them to the product or brand. In this respect, advertising should appeal to people’s cultures and lifestyles. The advertised product should reveal a feeling of lack in people’s lives.

The Effect of Advertising on People

Advertising is made by the firm to agencies dealing with advertising. Advertising agencies choose the type of advertisement that best suits their purpose. While advertising, help is taken from painters, printers, artists, film companies and research institutions. These include the press, radio, television, cinema and posters.

In advertisements, the effects are more directed towards women and children. Children are the group most affected by advertisements. Language and content are handled according to social situations in advertisements. Since the needs of the house are usually determined by the housewives, the ads targeting them are more. Children’s attention and desires are targeted. In broad terms, advertising is a tool and products are presented to people through this tool.

Advertising has both positive and negative effects on people.

Positive effects:

  • It enables people to get to know the products more closely.
  • People get to know the products before doing market research.
  • People learn about new products and shop more consciously.

Negative effects:

  • People are promoted without testing the quality of the product.
  • People buy low quality products through advertisements.
  • Luxury consumption is becoming more and more widespread.
  • It prevents people from saving.
  • It is financially damaging, which it encourages people to spend money on.

In summary; While advertisements ensure that the product reaches its target consumers, they talk about the features of their products and services. Through advertisements, customers are communicated and a bond is formed. Advertising is one of the important elements that increase sales.

Thanks to advertisements, consumers have information about products and services and make a conscious shopping. On the other hand, advertisements encourage people to shop even if they don’t need it. The increase in the consumption desire of advertisements is frequently encountered in today’s post-modern society and continues to spread through popular culture.

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