What are the 4 elements in astrology?


In astrology, the 12 Zodiac signs are associated with one of the four elements. This matching is based on the similar characteristics of the signs. The elements are not limited to our Sun sign. Each of us has a planet corresponding to 12 houses in the birth chart, a zodiac sign and an element of this sign. How intense these elements are throughout the entire map determines our dominant element. Like our sun sign, this dominant element also affects our life. So what are the characteristics of the elements and which elements get along best with each other?

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Fire element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Fire element has a brave, dynamic and charismatic energy. The most creative of the 4 elements, fire achieves its success in life with its self-confidence, ability to influence people and passions. The fire element, which is defined by Yang energy, that is, masculine energy, can act instinctively and uncontrollably on a bad day and succumb to its anger.


Fire element in love life:

Fire element zodiac signs, one of the most characteristic features of which is their passion, feel intense emotions in their love life and make magnificent shows of love. For fire signs who are not afraid to run after the person they love, love is already a struggle with ups and downs. But like a candle that burns very quickly and violently, the love of fire signs can end suddenly if they spend themselves too much.


Fire element in money:

Fire signs, whose instinctive behaviour sometimes works out well and sometimes badly, may be prone to wasting money and making unplanned expenditures. They may have difficulty in saving money and making long-term plans.


Fire element in its relationship with itself:

These signs, who are constantly looking for innovation, change, movement and excitement both in their lives and in themselves, can easily exhaust themselves if they are not careful. They can say yes to too many opportunities, meetings and suggestions and start spending on themselves by neglecting their sleep and self-care. Therefore, slowing down and actively resting should be the priority of fire signs.


Which element do they get along with the best and worst?

The fire element gets along best with people from the fire and air elements and worst with people from the water element.


Water element (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The water element, under which the zodiac signs with deep, emotional and empathic feelings meet, carries Yin, that is, feminine energy. With its endless imagination and compassionate attitude, the water element has the soul of an artist. Unlike the air sign, it is prone to make decisions and take action not with its rational thoughts but with its emotions. They can be touchy, changeable, sceptical and jealous on bad days.


Water element in love life:

The signs that feel closest to the traditional relationship model are united under the water element. Water signs, whose intuition is quite strong, are very talented in reading the other person and understanding their wishes and feelings. They are also vulnerable to heartbreak as they are very prone to idolise the other person and fall in love with this image. On the other hand, in a good relationship, they can be a loyal, loving and reliable partner and focus on their families.


Water element in money:

Water signs, who can quickly become anxious and stressed about their financial situation, want to be financially secure. For this, they are willing to take the necessary savings and investment steps. On the other hand, they may try to calm themselves by spending money on bad days and may start spending too much.


Water element in its relationship with itself:

For the water element, home is everything. It is very important for their holistic health to have a living space that is good for them, where they can relax, enjoy themselves and turn inward. They need to learn to control their emotions, which can become violent from time to time, and to calm themselves down. For this, they can regularly practise self-care and mindfulness.


Which element do they get along with best and worst?

The water element gets along best with people from the water and earth elements and worst with people from the fire element.


Earth element (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The Earth element has a consistent, loyal and calming energy. Thanks to their ability to recognise the fine details and beauties of life, they enjoy good times and experiences that stimulate their senses. They are patient but practical. They are characterised by feminine Yin energy. On bad days, they may show a non-conformist and stubborn behaviour that opposes change.


Earth element in love life:

As in all areas of life, they are loyal and reliable in their love life. Since they want to establish strong relationships or bonds for the future, it is valuable for them to share common values and desires with their partners. As they are highly sensory people, they attach as much importance to their physical bonds with the person they love as verbal communication.


Earth elements in money:

Earth signs who want to enjoy all the beauties of life are very prone to luxury shopping and pampering themselves. On the other hand, they can be very successful in earning and saving money thanks to their reliable, consistent and future-minded attitudes. They want to be able to meet their own luxury needs.


Earth element in its relationship with itself:

Earth signs, which are most attached to their daily routines and do not respond well to sudden changes and spontaneous plans, may also have difficulty in leaving these predispositions if they have bad habits. This is why it is very important that the relationships and habits they hold tightly are good for them. In order not to live life on autopilot, adding small changes and excitement to their daily routines can expand their perspective on life.


Which element do they get along with best and worst?

Earth element gets along best with people from the earth and water elements and worst with people from the air element.


Air element (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Defined by logic, communication and intellectuality, the air element has very good social relations and a strong communication language. The air element, which relies on its rational thinking rather than its emotional aspect in decision making, carries Yang, that is, masculine energy. On a good day, they spread creative and different thoughts around them, while on a bad day they are inconsistent, superficial and indecisive.


Air element in love life:

In love life, they give the most importance to communication. The zodiac signs of this group, who are attracted to people with whom they can have exciting, new thoughts and intellectual conversations, are also very impressed by humour. They want to be with someone they can mentally connect with. As a matter of fact, they may need more time than other elements to step into a serious relationship.


Air element in money:

Air signs, who have strong skills in communication and technology, can make good investments with their money because they like to follow innovations, trends and to be one step ahead of everyone. On the other hand, they may have difficulty in reaching this level, that is, in saving their money instead of spending it. Since they love social environments very much, all their earnings can go to friend gatherings outside; dinners, coffees, cocktails!


Air element in his/her relationship with himself/herself:

On a bad day, the air element tends to be disorganised, inconsistent, indecisive and overthinking. These signs, who can almost be trapped in their own minds, need to consciously restrain themselves and maintain grounding practices. Since their biggest source of motivation is social relations, whatever they aim for, doing it with a group or with their friends will lead them to success.


Which element do they get along with best and worst?

The air element gets along best with people from the air and fire elements and worst with people from the earth element.

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