Turn The Sound Up On Your Summer With These 8 Amazing Artists

Sound up on your summer

If you were looking to add some new sound to your playlist, now’s your chance! This summer is brimming with exciting artists who are hitting the scene with revolutionary sounds. Here are 8 amazing artists that will turn up the sound on your summer!

1. Esty

Esty is her own brand! With her multi-colored twists, pearly eyes, and stellar skate moves, this eclectic singer- songwriter is shaking up the music scene. Her latest release, Estyland EP, will get you pumped up for a night out. The Dominican American performer rocks unique instrumentals and a moody, sensual voice while gliding across the camera on skates in her music videos. Her playful and unpredictable aesthetic are inspiring to fashion connoisseurs and music creatives alike.

2.Weston Estate

Weston Estate is the perfect cross between, moody, fun, vibey and sweet. So Good is that song you play when things are heating up with your crush.  Their latest album, Maggie Valley, is montage-worthy: a sweet series of ballads and emotionally evocative vibes from Sixty to the bitter-sweetness of Silence. This boy band originated in North Carolina and came together in their teen years.

Their soft melodies, harmonization, and groovy instrumentals are the perfect lo-fi backdrop to a beach getaway. Weston Estate is redefining what we think when we hear “boy band” and charting the way with their own unique vocal and instrumental accoutrement.


Baird’s soft and dream-like sounds range from sweet to spicy. He is a harmonious cross between charming guitar plucking and light instrumentals, and a great artist to wake up to. Lightening of July encapsulates the upbeat, leisure of mid-summer. Songs like Blackboard and Lianne turn to an electronic accompaniment and take on a more moody atmosphere that will have gallant romantics in their feelings.


Hodgy is an artist originating from New Jersey! The variation of minor guitar chord progressions, heavy synth sounds and diverse beats in Hodgy’s latest album, Entitled, bring out all the feels. Into Someone is that sunset song, Again is a sentimental ballad, Every Day is the song you and friends vibe to on a late summer night, and People Change is a musical journey in each verse. We Never Knew is the perfect addition to your night-out playlist.

5. Faye Webster

Faye Webster’s smooth southern vibes have an alternative edge and are perfect for summer road trips. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, her sultry, sweet vocals bring out all the feels and simultaneously make you want to groove, while driving off into the sunset. Her latest EP, Car Therapy Sessions, is a sensual, romantic repertoire of jams that include classical twists and make you feel like you’re in a classic film. Kind of (Type of Way) is the perfect song to fall in love to, to say the least.

6. Cero Ismael 

Cero Ismael’s melodic and indie sounds take you through all the moods. His smooth, poetic and atmospheric vibes in his latest album As Much As You Did Before give you a song for every moment. His chill guitar sounds are an absolute necessity if you’re looking for something up beat and relaxing to add to your playlist this summer.

7. Sudan Archives

Sudan Archives, originally from Cincinnati Ohio, is a gorgeous vision to behold. This echoey singer and violinist is absolute pure art embodied. From her outfits, to her violin plucking, her sound is a genre in itself. Her latest EP, Selfish Soul, feels both old and new, an anachronistic approach to vocality amidst heavy beats and bass. Home Maker’s sensual vibrato,  sexy beat, and catchy melody will have you on your feet in minutes. Archive’s fashion forward goddess-esque outfits, moreover, are incredibly chic and striking!

8. Mr. Giscard

Mr. Giscard’s music perfectly encapsulates his nonchalant presence  and suaveness. This French artist’s electronica melodies, in tandem with the sweet electric guitar riffs, are smooth and clean. Every song on his latest album, :):– yes, that’s the name–are sentimental and groovy jams that will have you humming and swaying non-stop.  Moreover, just about anyone can relate to his love of Pho (a Vietnamese style of noodle soup).

Songs like JVP and Pho are easily the most on-repeat songs on the album.   If you’re trying to set the mood, put on any song on Giscard’s album, :):.



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