Meet Vision Pro, Apple’s Mixed Reality Glasses

Meet Vision Pro, Apple's Mixed Reality Glasses

What is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple’s annual conference WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) 2023 took place yesterday. At this conference, where updates and new products of Apple products were introduced, of course, the product that attracted the most attention was the mixed reality glasses that the whole technology world was eagerly waiting for. Tim Cook presented the product as “the product of the future” and “the first wearable computer”.

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Meet Apple’s Mixed Reality Glasses Vision Pro

Vision Pro, a mixed reality glasses where eyes, voice and hands are involved in the subject, offers a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality. Mixed reality glasses introduce us to a new world with the power of Apple’s new chips M1 and M2.


Features of Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro seamlessly blends digital content with your physical space and opens the doors to a new spatial era. The most striking feature of the device, which is planned to work in harmony with the entire Apple ecosystem, is that it will offer a spatial FaceTime experience.

The part of the glasses that will contact the face is completely designed with fabric and prepared to offer a unique ergonomics with soft head pads. The exterior design of the product consists of laminated glass shaped in three dimensions and an aluminium alloy frame that fits the face perfectly. The Headband provides cushioning, breathability and flexibility. The Fit Dial makes it possible to adjust Vision Pro exactly to your head. The Light Seal gently conforms to your face, creating a precise fit while blocking scattered light.

Thanks to the crown on the crown, there will be multiple management possibilities through a single button. In addition, it will be able to receive commands by working fully integrated with voice, eyes and hands. A range of advanced cameras and sensors work together to help you see the world clearly, understand your surroundings and recognise hand gestures.

Meet Vision Pro, Apple’s Mixed Reality Glasses

Apple Vision Pro delivers ultra-advanced and unparalleled film viewing and unprecedented moments of multi-sensory perception. The speakers deliver rich Spatial Sound that blends seamlessly with real-world sounds, delivering an experience like you’ve never experienced before.

The glasses combine the Lidar sensor and TrueDepth facial recognition features found in iPhone Pros. A pair of custom micro-OLED displays deliver more pixels per eye than a 4K TV for stunning clarity.

In addition, the 23 million pixel image quality will be supported by Apple’s new operating system VisionOS with M1 and M2 chips.

You can review all the features of the product on Apple’s website.



Apple Vision Pro Price

The sales price of Apple Vision Pro, which is planned to be on sale next year, is determined as 3,499 US Dollars.

You can watch the detailed presentation of the product from the video below.


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