Living in a Growing Crisis

Scientific studies and inventions that have a global impact often are emerged from only one person or a group, the covid-19 vaccine is one of the best current examples of this, but the climate crisis is not a problem that can be solved with the help of just one person or a group. Mass action is needed.

At the same time, this is not an issue that has one direction. It means climate change, decrease in water resources, greenhouse effect or global warming are only some parts of it.

Having a sustainable lifestyle is very important for the climate crises. Shortly, the world needs to be sustainable because all natural resources are passed on to the next generation and it is essential for each generation to benefit from these resources as much as they are needed.

Rob Hopkins’ 2009 speech on fossil fuel depletion is impressive: “the next generation will say about us in the future that ‘the past generation has given so many parties that it has abused our heritage’”. This remark is also associated with depleting water resources.

I already know that there is a critical decrease in usable water rate but seeing again that these are supported by numerical data in the documentary published by National Geography revealed the seriousness of problem. Water use continues to increase two times faster than the world’s population (NGT, 2019). This date is terribly bad. Also, due to the rapidly increasing population, we need to protect the resources that we already have because it is important to protect when water is there (Özoğuz, 2019). Therefore, every sustainable product that we buy will be a great step for the world.

Nowadays, I observe that these products are a little expensive. but if the production of these items is expanded, both the prices will decrease and the benefit to the environment will increase.

Also, I want to add a to-do list in this context. These suggestions on the list should be more embedded in daily life. These are:

  • Remove unused plugs from the outlet
  • Prefer products with sustainable labels when shopping
  • Not buying plastic bags
  • Reduce the use of deodorant and perfume
  • Prefer public transport
  • Prefer electric public transport if available

In conclusion, it is not hard to make some sacrifices to leave a livable world behind. It will be easier if we all choose a person from the future and strive for him/her, just like James Hansen would do for his grandchildren.

NOTE: Greta Thunberg who is an activist from Swede started protesting about the need to start fighting climate change in 2018. Her TED talk can watch for more content.

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