How can we make gifted students number 1 priority and increase them?

How can we make gifted students a number 1 priority and increase them?
gifted studentsHave you ever faced a situation where you felt that some teachers are using their power against you?

We are all familiar with the rules that are strictly put by educational institutions to prevent unacceptable practices done by some students such as cheating, copying from other sources (without giving recognition to real authors), and not participating in group projects.

Nevertheless, are we familiar with the rules that are seriously put to prevent teachers from misusing the power that has been given to them?

Yes, admit it not all the teachers that you have dealt with were ethical and responsible for their behaviors, not all of them tried to make a difference in your life.

Some might say no, some rules are already put to prevent unethical teachers from exceeding acceptable standards. However, are these rules protecting you completely from not being hurt by the practices of some unfair teachers?

Till now unethical teachers are in their jobs enjoying their time and power without strong rules that can stop them from being irresponsible and subjective. And unfortunately, many students till now have no courage to talk or reveal what is happening to them.

In fact, these unethical behaviors done by those teachers would lead to not exploiting the energies of talented students because they already lost their confidence and enthusiasm.

Fairness and reliability are two important factors that should be guaranteed to encourage talented students to learn and succeed.

A new system should be put and continuously be developed and evaluated to protect students’ rights as well as protect them from mental disorders (such as anxiety and depression) that they might suffer from due to unfair practices.

Some solutions are already implemented, but I would like to add some important additions.

I want to suggest that schools and universities should have an integrity system for teachers that includes carefully selected professionals.

Those professionals will be responsible to keep checking not only on the teachers’ performance and the way they grade their students but also to keep surprising students and teachers themselves about how many times they are following up for students’ sake.

Specifically, they will keep following up about all students’ activities which may include assignments, tests, or even discussions in the class.

Also, psychologists should not be forgotten because they play a vital role in working with integrity professionals cooperatively to allow all students to express their concerns without fear.

Those professionals and psychologists should be trained to detect any unethical behavior and will have the responsibility to build a solid relationship with students.

I know this strict system may create some challenges for all teachers in the beginning, but I believe that it will benefit both teachers and students in the long run.

One big achievement of this system is increasing the number of talented students and thus opening many opportunities for them to achieve their dreams at a young age.

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