Solo travel: 9 tips to have the best trip ever!

solo trip tips
Are you stuck between the thought of travelling alone and the worries that come along with it? Solo travel can be very concerning for some, especially those that have not experienced it before, however with the right mindset and awareness, it can be very much doable. We have put together a list of tips and suggestions for you to ensure you have the most safe, efficient and fun travel ever!


solo travel tips for enjoyment and safety
Start your solo travel with these important tips!
Opt for safe destinations

A general research prior to your travel should be at the top of your to-do list when planning a solo travel. It is an undeniable fact that some locations are safer than others, and luckily for you, we have listed some of the safest destinations for solo travelers.

In addition to this, the neighborhoods within the region you’re visiting can also be distinguished to ensure you have the safest experience. A general knowledge about the public transport routes, commonality of foreigners and hotel ratings should be attained about the place you’re visiting. Finally, booking your accommodation according to ratings, -whether it be hostels or homestays– is an important tip to keep in mind!

We have prepared a list of the 10 most stunning landmarks for those of you looking to discover new places in the American west, as well as the best kept secrets for solo travel to experience near New York City.

Travel insurance

When travelling alone, you won’t have anyone looking after you like you would at home. And so it is best to have yourself insured incase of unexpected occurrences that may end up costing you a lot more than expected. Having yourself covered for last minute flight cancellations, baggage delays and medical expenses will ensure you for peace of mind and so you’ll have one less thing to worry about in these undesirable situations.

Have an emergency plan ready

Although it is pretty unlikely you’ll face an emergency, its always better to be safe than sorry. In the face of an unexpected occurrence, it would be advantageous to have already grasped knowledge on the nearby hospitals, police stations and other emergency facilities.

Keeping a record of the countries emergency contacts and learning essential emergency phrases in the local language will aid you in the face of possible unfortunate occurrences. Also, it is best to  bring with you any prescription drugs, medication or even supplementary vitamins which you may need in case you feel off.


connect with friends and family on solo trip
Stay connected with your loved ones to ensure safety during your trip
Stay connected with family and friends

What we think is the most crucial part of solo travel is to inform others of your whereabouts incase of emergency. Whether it be planned details of your trip like your travel itinerary or hotel reservations, or impromptu solo excursions, hitchhikes or change of plans, it is always important to let your family and friends back home notified. You can also talk to the hotel staff or local friends about your whereabouts so that someone is always informed and aware if anything goes wrong.

Certain applications, such as the STEP service -which allows travelers to enroll their trip and receive important information about the country they’re visiting- can be used by explorers as a safety precaution.

Pack light

It is quite likely for you to be carrying your luggage with you for longer periods of time than you had initially planned. Whether this be due to a long walk from your train station to your hostel, getting lost while trying to find certain places, or even incidents caused by check-in policies followed by your lodging of choice. Either way, it is beneficial to have the least amount of load with you.

Another suggestion on packing is to carry your essentials such as your credit card, cash, phone, ID and passport copy with you, at all times. Always keep these items in sight and on you to avoid them getting stolen or lost. Ensure to keep your original passport and some extra cash safe in the hotel you’re residing in.


Meet new people in your solo trip
Meeting new friends will make your solo travel experience so much better!
Chat with strangers

Travelling alone does not mean you need to travel lonely! A crucial part of enjoying touring on your own is to meet new people and talking with strangers. Starting conversations with local shop keepers, making friends at your bed-and breakfast, or going on day trips with fellow travelers are great ways to get to meet new people.

Although meeting new people may seem like a challenge at first, you will quickly come to realize it doesn’t take more than a smile and warm ‘hello’ to make new friends as more people than you know are just as eager to make new friends! Meeting new people is also a great way to getting to know the area better. Benefitting from others’ experiences or hearing about the best hidden gem coffee shop of the neighborhood is a great way to enrich your stay.


Try local cuisine while on your trip
Try to learn the culture by integrating in the local lifestyle and trying new things!
Live locally

Learning the culture of the area your visiting is one of the most rewarding aspects of visiting a new place. One way in which this can be done is by partaking in a street festival, local sporting events or even visiting the weekly produce market. This may lead to having a hands-on experience of how the local people live and may even open an opportunity to having enlightening conversations.

Another way to learn the culture is to explore the local cuisine. If you’re a foodie like us, tasting new foods can be a fun and exciting way into understating the history and lifestyle of the area you’re visiting. Finally, shopping where the local’s shop is also a great way to experience the city while ensuring you don’t fall into expensive tourist traps.

Capture many photos

Taking photographs on while exploring is a chore for some and a mission for others. Whether you’re aiming to be the next travel influence on Instagram, or are just looking to collect memories of your trip, taking photos of your experiences is always a good idea.

Capturing snapshots of the little details you notice around the city, smiles with your local friends, a picture of the hostel you stayed in during your trip can all be great ways to reminisce about your trip years after you’ve returned home. Pictures hold what the memory no longer can, and are therefore great for looking back on, or even show family and friends.


Take photographs of your solo travel
Taking photos is a great way to remember your trip even years later
Learn the local language

Even if it were to just be a few basic phrases on introducing yourself, asking useful questions or some of the local slang, learning the local language of the area you’re visiting can have many benefits. From allowing you to start new conversations and meeting new people, to helping you get around the city more easily, language is an important aspect pf getting an insight into the culture!

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