Get a New Routine: No Sugar Days

At almost every meal, the human body needs something sugary. If people have to choose between two or more things, sugary foods attract their attention more, but consumption of more than a certain amount of sugar is not recommended, all people know that already.

It is observed that there are too many people who want to reduce sugar in their life, but they can not take a step toward this. No Sugar Days activity helps them about this issue because No Sugar Days means that not consuming any food with refined sugar during a day.

If you want to reduce sugar use or slowly eliminate sugar from your life, it would be an efficient way to accustom the body to this state by not consuming any products containing sugar on specific days of the week.

It is difficult to suddenly add a new routine to human life; therefore, experts recommend that people include them in their lives at regular intervals. Thanks to the this activity, it becomes easier for people to embed a new routine into their lives.

This is not an easy process because you must analyze every food that you eat in a day. Bread may be a quality example because sugar is used in the making of many kinds of bread. So, you must choose the right bread for your meals.

Of course, foods that have natural sugar such as marmalades made without refined sugar or fruits can be consumed because they do not contain glucose and the human body meets the sugar it needs from them.

Furthermore, when sugar consumption is reduced or especially sugar syrups in packaged foods are out of people’s lives, people’s daily life fluency will also begin to change. A woman who starts to apply this routine to her life says that she feels more energetic and less tired during the day. It is clear that this feeds the human psychology well.

At the same time, it is essential for human health because excess sugar harms hormone balance and the immune system. Overweight and skin problems are other possible issues. (more technical information)

I also want to mention my own No Sugar experience. Last summer, I saw this practice for the first time in the vlogs of Sienna Santer, who is an influencer, and I wanted to apply it in my own life because I already had the thought of reducing sugar in my life. I enjoyed it, and after a while, I started to do it regularly.

Finally, you may not have thought about this before or you may like to eat sugary foods, but I recommend you to try this activity for only one day of your life. I hope you change something in your life.

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