7 Interesting Facts About Live in Spain

live in spain

After Erasmus and language school for live in Spain, I came across some interesting facts about this country. If you are thinking of living in Spain, it is useful to know these few interesting facts about Spain. Let’s get started.


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1. Don’t be surprised by the midday sleep they call siesta. Live in spain

The first thing that caught my attention in Spain. People sleep between 2-5 pm! So at first I thought, “It is an old tradition, old people do it. In a modern world, if everyone sleeps for 2-3 hours at noon, life stops!” But they were sleeping and life stopped!

Is your wife hungry? You can’t eat. What if you want to buy bread and eat at home? The markets are also closed. If you want to drink water, you can’t even find water at noon (note: I am talking based on the city of Jaen).

Very interesting! Now you adapt to their culture and sleep at those hours.

2. Thanks to the tapas culture, aperitifs can come to your table


They have an aperitif called tapas that they bring with every drink you drink! For example, you went to a place and you want to drink fanta. You can have a hot dog, French fries or small pastries with your fanta! Tapas is sometimes a hamburger, sometimes a chicken sauté!

Whatever the tapas is, bon appetit!

3. You can have fun until 3 am at the pre-party events called Botellon.
3. Pre-party events called Botellon, where you have fun until 3am.
Imagine that everyone gathers and starts drinking before the party. In winter they go home, in summer they go to the car parks at the festival sites. Everyone brings their own drinks and they drink in those areas until 3 am, then to the clubs!

4. Nightclubs open at 3am.


Yes, I said 3 o’clock, isn’t that interesting? How can a nightclub open at 3am? And would there be a queue at 5:30 in the morning in front of a club that opens at 3 am? This is exactly what happens when you are in Spain.

5. In some cities it is very difficult to find someone who speaks English.

I don’t need to write much in this area, they don’t speak English! Maybe the rate of people knowing English is lower than in Turkey! At least the young population knows something. Finding someone who speaks English in Jaen is like coming across a polar bear in the desert.

6. The cheapness of alcohol is surprising!

Yes, alcohol is officially free. In other words, they have come to compete with Ukraine. Can a beer be 1 Euro in a bar or cafe? 1 Euro is only 1 Euro and you can buy beer with 1 Euro change. A bottle of whisky or tequila costs 8-10 Euros only in markets. In clubs, a beer is 2 Euros!

7. You can buy chicken doner and meat doner for the same price.

Interestingly, the prices of meat doner and chicken doner are the same throughout Europe. The man says doner is 5 Euros, do you want meat or chicken? Why should I eat chicken then, of course meat! When they come to Turkey, they are surprised why meat doner is 2-3 times the price of chicken doner.

That’s all for today from interesting information, sir! Goodbye.


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