Same purpose but different names of quite a lot diet styles look like an ocean, and truly convenient for drowning in deep inside.   

    If you tried lots of diet styles or always to do classic way of diet and failed, it means you couldn’t find a good diet for your life style and it’s not your fault. That’s why here we’re checking the most effective diet styles with their main points.   

     You say that you didn’t like IF, here is a new chance to find your best. Especially winelover should check this diet because one of the beverage on this list 😊  Let’s take a look closer 😊

What’s Mediterranean Diet (Feel fresh) 

      This diet calling from countries bordering of mediterranean region on map and it’s fresh diet as it’s name and involves mostly feeding culture of these countries. For example; in Italy the most consumption is pasta, whereas in Spain fish consumption is higher. Greek variant of MedDiet is closer to traditional one.  

Main point of this diet is that including high, moderated and low consumption with healthy fats. While you’re doing this diet, have to know which group of nutrition you will eat daily, which food rarely. There is no strict rules for push you but just careful with sugar added and processed food because MedDiet emphasis in extra virgin food style.  

   This diet style is good for who wants to consumption different group of nutrition but doesn’t want to limit to yourself with certain portions, here is a good choice for you! 

Food Pyramid in MedDiet (Here is which food you need) 

     MedDiet doesn’t have strict rule, has high, moderate and low consumption intake. That’s why , it has food pyramid to know which foods should we add our daily life while adapting it to our lives. 


    Eat in daily: Whole grains, bread, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, olive oil 

    Eat 2 or 3 times in a week: Fish and seafood 

    Eat in moderation (1 or 2 times in a week): Poultry, egg, cheese, dairy and yogurt 

    Eat rarely: Red meat, highly processibg food, sweets 

    What about wine 😊 You can drink red wine in moderate way as a glass of red wine. It means after your busy day, you can have a beautiful dinner with red wine, what else do you want from one of diet plan? 🙂 

    These foods are guide for our healthy life, you can decide to combinate them with portion in a day according to your life style and what do you like to eat. The most beautiful thing in MedDiet, you will gain high rates like omega-3, vitamins and folic acid.  

Let’s create one sample meals in a day with MedDiet: 

   Breakfast: Greek yogurt with granola 

   Lunch: Grilled veggies and Couscous 

   Dinner: Tuna salad with green salad (add olive oil) and one or two slice of toasted whole wheat bread 

   If you need snacks between meals you can prefer; nuts, almonds, wallnuts, fruits ( also you can eat fruit with almond butter)  

What Are The Benefits of MedDiet: 

  • It doesn’t have strict rules and you’ll organize your meal plan. Because you know already how you can create your meal from food pyramid. 
  • Philosophy of this diet style is that share food with your family, friends and enjoy together 🙂  
  • Adapting to your life easily. Averagely one human life is 80 years and we have to eat in our whole life.That’s why we have to learn how we should feed. MedDiet is easy to learn way. 
  • Numerous studies have shown that the MedDiet can promote to lose weight and help to pretend heart attacks, strokes, type 2 diabetes.  
  • All results from recent investigations support a strong biomedical beneficial effects of MedDiet. 

Shortly we can say, ENJOY YOUR HEALTHY LIFE!

Tips For Longevity: 

     Actually, I don’t have many tips for longevity because it’s not totally new diet or don’t use this feeding style by just who wants to lose weight or keeping weight in average, also people in Mediterrenean region have food style like that. Maybe it can show some changes because of fast-food culture or modern life but mostly elderly people have life style with MedDiet. 

   But one big tip is adding exercise in your life for keeping motivation Even walking 30 minutes in a day will give you physical and mental health, while you’re takin a deep breath you’ll say that yes I like my healthy life for sure 😊 

    Let’s one more small tip add here, when you eat fish, choose fat fish like salmon because this kind of fish has protein for keeping you full!

  •        You can follow this diet style fo your health journey in this life. Mediterranian people health is a topic in many researches but still if MedDiet isn’t matching with you, can continue check other diet styles in my article 🙂 

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