Being healthy, having a good body is our purpose in the modern times. Then we’ve researched everything to lose weight, get fit and note them in our mind but we couldn’t split them true or false fact. As a result we’ve worn ourselves out. 

   Other wrong thing is we want to lose weight in a short time like someone will touch us with a magic wand. But if you want to something is permanently, have to keep patience and here is a diet which will force your all limit but at the end you’ll good results, Ketogenic diet. If you’re ready to learn true facts about Keto, let’s get started 😊

What Is Ketogenic (Keto) Diet?

    Ketogenic or shortly Keto diet involves high amounts healthy fat, normal level protein and very low carbohydrate. If you read previous Low-Carb Diet article, you can see that they share same similarities but Keto is more strict and lower intaking carbohydrate than low carb diet. It has different types but we’ll look at closer to standard ketogenic diet which is researched a lot and the most recommended. 

    First of all, you need to know that keto diet is very strict, each rules are clear and doesn’t have gray area between black or white. You’ll calculate macros, meet ketosis mode after a while. You can’t do keto without know nothing. Before start you have to know each point of this diet. So let’s continue to learn with ketosis mode. 


Ketosis :

It’s a process to arrive goal in Keto diet. While you’re doing keto diet, your carbohydrate amount will reduce and when your body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to burn energy, it’ll start to burn from fat for energy. This process is called “Ketosis” mode.

After 3rd to one week ( it can change up to person), you can feel tired, have a headache, shortly it is like a flu. It means you’re in the ketosis mode and your body start to use your ketones. But I have to add that people who got used to feed low carb, doesn’t feel ketosis effects much that’s why if you don’t feel like a flu, don’t worry still you’re doing well.

   Here you can ask how can we understand our body entered to  ketosis. Let’s look some signs; 

  • Metallic taste in the mouth every morning 
  • Lose weight 
  • Increased ketones in urine and blood 
  • Decreased hunger 
  • Raised focus and energy 

How Can Do Keto Diet?

First make sure keto diet is good to you and isn’t risk for your health. And also if you’re ready to do very strict diet and you’re patience let’s look at how can you do keto diet.

For taking all advantages of keto diet, you have to know your daily macros. That’s why you can start with calculate your calorie needed and macros. Here is a good calculater for you,

Secondly you need a good plan. Useful shopping, preparing food (the easiest way to contininue). You can start to prepare plates with one of protein source, low carb vegetables and complete with healhty fat. Don’t forget to check your daily macro from applications like fatsecret.

Almost after one week (it can change, be more and less), your body will pass to ketosis mode. During this period, drinking more water help you a lot.

Also time is changing up to health situation of person but mostly it does minumum 1 or 2 months.

What to Eat On a Keto Diet?

I don’t want to write list of foods in here but let’s talk basic framework of foods on this diet.

  • For protein, you can eat meat products, sea food, eggs, dairy foods.
  • For low carb veggies, you can choose nonstarchy food like broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, spinach.
  • For healthy fat, you can add olive and coconut oil on your shopping list.
  • If you want to snack, you can eat nuts and seeds.

If you’re searching fruits on list, you can’t find. But it doesn’t mean fruits are bad for losing weight etc. Don’t think like that directly. Every diet style includes same purpose but has different style because they focus different resources of body. In keto, important thing is ketosis that’s why some kinds of group which make difficult to ketosis don’t take place on Keto diet.

Common Mistakes On Keto Diet:

  • Insufficient oil consumption.
  • Not calculating daily macros.
  • Not drinking enough water.
  • Insufficient consumption of fibraus foods (We always consider fat and protein mostly don’t notice veggies)
  • Quiting in a short time. ( Short trying is very risky for your body. Because body can adapt to burn fat after 10 days and disturbing the ketosis mode frequently does’nt welcome by your body.)
  • Not getting information and not trying to learn more things. ( Keto needs to discipline and organized. It involves many main points with calculating, and doing keto wrong or missing causes diseases on body.)

Why Is Keto Diet Good?

We talked how much difficult diet is Keto but it helps to improve your health system as well. But don’t forget to make sure that Keto is good for you. The most succesfull diet is that don’t break your system. Let’s get continue with talk about benefits of Keto Diet!

  • May reduce epileptic attacks. ( It should do with control of doctor)
  • Effective on obesity.
  • Controls the tip 2 diabetes.
  • Inhibits the growth of tumor cells and help prevent cancer.
  • Increases your focus and mental energy.
  • Helps to fat burn.
  • Protects your muscle while you’re losing weight.

To sum up, Keto diet requires to be discipline, take information and clear feeding, that’s all. Very strict, that’s why if you have eating disturbance in the past, don’t try this diet because may cause again your attacks.

                     – At the end of this article, if thought that you don’t want hinge on any rule but want to learn your best thereby listen to yourself, let’s meet next article 😊


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