21 Day Rule and Things to Consider

21 day rule

21 Day rule, there are some recommendations of expert psychologists about what to pay attention to in the day rule. Getting into a habit is not as easy as it seems. Habits such as reading books, doing sports, eating healthy, sleeping regularly are not easily acquired. In order to gain these habits more easily, it is important to use methods known as the 21-day rule in psychology. We have the chance to change many routines that affect our lives in daily life with the 21-day rule and increase our quality of life. You can make the routines that successful people add to their daily lives into the unchangeable habits of your life by successfully applying the 21-day rule.

What is the 21 Day Rule?
The 21 Day method is one of the most preferred habit development techniques in psychology. According to researches, the average time for the human mind to get used to an action or change is 20 days. Therefore, a behaviour that is repeated for 20 days gains the potential to become permanent in the human mind and becomes a habit when done on the 21st day.

Everyone can apply the 21-day rule, which expert psychologists often recommend for developing positive habits, in any subject they want. Looking at the results of the researches, it has been observed that the human mind accepts and automatises a behaviour that is repeated for 21 days. Therefore, if the behaviour repeated for 21 days is done consciously for 90 days, this behaviour becomes a lifestyle.

How to Start 21 Day Rule?
To start the 21 Day Rule, you first need to set a habit that you want to repeat regularly as a goal. Experts remind that at the beginning of this method, it is necessary to apply this goal regularly for 3 weeks without interruption. The details about the 21-day rule are as follows:

For 21 days, write affirmations to yourself for the habit you want to gain.
Thanks to these affirmations, your motivation increases and you can gain a more positive perspective on life.
In addition to the habit you want to add to your life, add activities that will make you happy and motivated. (For example: painting, listening to music, taking a walk or chatting with your favourite person, etc.).
You should not hesitate to start the 21-day rule recommended by experts. The habit that you will do consistently and regularly every day becomes easier at the end of these 21 days. And if you continue this behaviour, which is now a habit, for 90 days, you can achieve a new lifestyle.

How to Diet with 21 Day Rule?

Those who want to lose weight with the 21-day rule can usually use this method and arrange their diet programmes. The time required for the brain to be reprogrammed is 21 days. This view, which is supported by everyone who talks about physics such as quantum and Newton, is a fact that must be studied. For 21 days, not eating dessert or applying a nutritious salad-oriented diet provides great advantages in slimming.

As it is known, the most difficult times for a dieter are the first days. If you stick to the diet for 21 days and eat regularly and healthily, at the end of the process, this kind of nutrition becomes your normal.

21 Positive Habits that can be gained with the 21 Day Rule
With the 21 Day method, it is possible to lead a better quality, successful, healthy and happy life thanks to the useful habits to be gained. You can choose the 21-day rule to easily gain all the habits that will take you to the next level in your life. According to the recommendations of expert psychologists, some of the positive habits to be gained with the 21-day rule are as follows:

Waking up early
Healthy and regular nutrition
Playing sport
Reading a book
Clean and tidy living
Keeping a diary
You can incorporate such habits into your life with the 21-day rule and increase your quality of life to unimaginable levels.


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