[10] Interesting Facts About South Korea

Want to learn some really interesting facts about South Korea? In this article, we will walk you through some interesting facts.

Korean music, food, skincare products, and more. It’s impossible to go anywhere these days without hearing or seeing something related to Korean culture due to the Korean wave’s rapid growth. You may undoubtedly see anything that originated in Korea on social media, on billboards, in restaurants, shops, and markets. This explains why so many people want to visit South Korea or study the language, which is no longer shocking.

Here are some interesting facts about South Korea

1. Tetraphobia

Tetraphobia is the fear of the number four, in case you’re not familiar with phobia terminology. The unlucky number four is one of the interesting and entertaining facts about South Korea. Therefore, in elevators, you’ll often see floors 1, 2, 3, and F.

In South Korea, apartments with many 4s in the house number (for example, 404) are frequently avoided, and the property values are lower. Because of the similarity between the Korean word for death and the number 4, this is the case.

2. South Korea’s internet is blazing fast

Fast WiFi is readily available everywhere you go in South Korea, including in coffee shops, shopping centers, libraries, museums, and other locations, so staying connected is not an issue. Even more astounding is the fact that WiFi is accessible on isolated islands.

You’ve probably at some point felt the annoyance of slow internet, no matter where you are in the world. Internet connectivity troubles may be a major annoyance and make anyone unhappy, whether they arise because you’re far away or because your internet service provider occasionally has problems. In light of this, a trip to South Korea will be a virtual pleasure! South Korea has the quickest internet connection speed on average, outpacing that of any other nation by a wide margin.

3. South Korea Is A Haven For Technology

South Korea is definitely at the top of the list in terms of technology. Appliances, toys, and even smartphones are constantly updated and fashionable. South Korea is home to the largest technological firm, like Samsung, thus it’s not surprising that the country is a technology hotspot. Except when it’s a traditional serial, they never failed to include their gadgets and technology in K-dramas.

4. All Males In South Korea Are Required To Serve In The Military

Being a fan of a male K-pop star or celebrity who joins the military is one of the hardest things one can experience. Between the ages of 18 and 28, all Korean men are obligated to enter. They must serve for a minimum of 18 months. Those who choose not to enter, whether out of personal or religious convictions, will be imprisoned.

6. Men Wearing Makeup Is Natural

Let’s face it, South Korean males, particularly K-pop idols, are undoubtedly a big part of why makeup use, including foundation, lip gloss, high lighter, and eyeliner, has been accepted nowadays.

7. Titles And Hierarchy Are A Big Deal For South Koreans

You’ll note that people in South Korea address their friends, coworkers, strangers, and the elderly in particular ways if you visit. They cherish hierarchy, which explains why. How you should address someone depends on their age and status.

Use the formal or courteous form when speaking to someone who is older than you or who has more authority than you, such as your employer. Casual conversation is reserved for friends or when prearranged. To prevent being impolite and insulting someone, it is crucial to learn this.

8. Plastic surgery is super normal

In contrast to most Western nations where plastic surgery is at best taboo and at worst frowned upon, South Korea has fully embraced the procedure to the point that it is widely accepted (and even encouraged).

Teenagers in South Korea frequently have plastic surgery before starting college. They don’t need to worry about getting permission from their parents because they frequently support and pay for it!

In South Korea, women are the ones who seek plastic surgery the most frequently. The eyes, especially for double eyelid surgery, the nose, and the chin are the most frequently operated on body parts in an effort to achieve a celebrity-inspired appearance. In South Korea, plastic surgery is also far more accessible and reasonably priced than in other nations.

9. Most People Speak The South Korean Language

It’s uncommon to hear people speaking different languages in South Korea. Although some of them do know Chinese and English, learning Korean is essential if you want to live in South Korea.

10. South Koreans are one year old when born

The fact that Koreans are naturally one year old at birth is one of their peculiar characteristics. In South Korea, a newborn infant is regarded as one year old.

There are various ways to explain why this is. People often attribute this phenomenon to the baby spending approximately one year—or nine months—in the mother’s womb. As a result, in South Korea, a newborn is already one year old.

It is a little difficult to calculate this because it depends on the solar calendar, lunar calendar, and your birthdate. In South Korea, giving the year of your birth as an answer to the age question is the simplest option. The following formula should work if you wish to use a straightforward Korean age calculator:

(Current year – birth year) + 1 is your Korean age.

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