How to Make the Most Famous Recipe in the Arab World

In recent years, Geeb El Tager recipe has spread on social media platforms in the Arab world. Geeb El Tager is an Arabic name for a delicious recipe that means Merchant Pocket in English.

This recipe allows you to be creative because it can be made and personalized according to your desires.

According to chef Deema Hajjawi, it is called Geeb El Tager or Merchant Pocket because the pocket of this recipe is full like the picture below.

Merchant Pocket Recipe

There are two reasons to make this recipe other than its delicious taste. First, it is easy and quick to make. Second, the ingredients of this recipe are available in most homes. Now let’s make the Merchant Pocket.

The ingredients are:


2- Eggs

3- Breadcrumbs

4- Oil

The steps for making the pocket are:

1-Bring two toasts and put them on top of each other.

2- Spread the toasts with a rolling pin until the slices stick together.

3- Bring the two slices and cut them into circles with a cookie cutter or bowl.

4- Add eggs to a bowl and mix them well, and then add breadcrumbs to another bowl.

5- Dip the toast circles into the egg mixture and then coat them with breadcrumbs.

6- Fry them on both sides until golden brown.

7- Cut the circles with a knife in the middle to form two pockets.

Now you have the pockets ready for the filling. They will look like the picture below.

The filling is completely up to you. But I would like to suggest adding a protein (could be chicken or meat) with fresh vegetables (such as cucumbers, tomato, lettuce, and cabbage) to make a useful meal that contains all the nutrients.  

This is a simple dish that you can enjoy with your family or friends.  I believe that this recipe will be served in many Arabic restaurants soon.

It could be a brilliant idea if someone takes advantage of this dish’s uniqueness and high demand to start a business and make it with different delicious fillings. Allowing people to personalize their pockets with different fillings will be a brilliant idea too.  

Unfortunately, not many people know that they can make fast, enjoyable, and useful dishes with simple ingredients. But I hope through this article and my coming articles their idea of cooking will be changed forever.

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